Preventing a trouble maker relative from contact with my Mom.

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As POA do I have legal authority to prevent a hostile and negative sister from contact with our mother? It's sad to say but she causes constant stress and puts our mother's health at risk. If I have the authority, how can I exercise it? If she wants to contest it, what can she do?


You might be better off to use your legal authority to get a PPO against her. If you have the legal grounds, and a judge believes your grounds justify issuance of an injunction, that would keep her away from her mother.

But how does your mother feel about your desire to cut off access to her daughter?
Thanks. What is a PPO? Some sort of injunction? If that is needed then I assume the POA is not enough to keep a person away.

I haven't discussed the issue with Mom. I wouldn't take any action without first doing so.
A PPO is a Personal Protection Order which would be granted by a court.
Trevor, IF your mother had some type of dementia and had lost cognitive function, being named as her "attorney-in-fact" in a DPOA might give you authority to get a PPO on her behalf. It depends on how the DPOA is worded.

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