Preparing for a natural disaster as a caregiver.

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I am curious what measures or plans other caregivers take in order to weather natural disasters such as flood,snowstorms, tornadoes when providing care to a elderly family member or other.Do you have "bug out bags" for them, medications for lengthy ordeals,plans on how to move them?


No, not a bug out bag. But, meds are easy to grab on the way out the door. We would make due. We actually went through thinking of a plan and what we should take because the furnace went out and one of the folks was concerned about a gas leak. So his brain started to work on what we should do. Quite an elaborate plan. I then realized I would be doing good to be able to get the two of them out of here and the dog too. So, no do not have a plan other than grabbing meds, dog and two very slow old folks.
pretty much all 911 services in the usa have all wheel drive vehicles nowadays . i believe they could safely extract a person from anywhere .
in a pinch a few years ago ( hepc chemo , very sick ) i crammed cut up tires thru the woodstove all winter but i s'pose that aint for just everyone .
where theres a will , theres a tire ..
well , ya got me . i dont really have a credible point . just up early and getting overstimulated on strong coffee . supposed to try working outdoors later today so im sitting here trying to figure in what sequence to put on every piece of clothing that i own .
screw wintertime . that was my real point ..
i will admit to haveing bug out bags ready to go by the back door. there is a 24 hour one to go in the car. Can't leave them in there in case everything freezes. Everything is in backpacks $1 each from the thrift store. the big one is to last 72 hours and hads enough food for 2 adults. There are lots of prepper sites where you can find suggested lists and even purchase ready make kits which are expensive. i refer to these for suggestions but improvise for myself. any medicatios are very imprtant and my meds are in a wash bag on the kitchen table ready to go. My PCG was prepared to give me seperate prescriptions for a one month supply for everything so these are stored in the freezer. i had to pay full price for them but they were all generics so not expensive.
In an emergency we would plan to shelter in place if it was safe to do so.
Capt I know has plenty of supplies to keep him going for months nice and cozy in the bunker. Pretty much anything can be canned for long term storage. drying is another option.
Olmaandme, I am so glad you brought up this subject. Right after 9-11 I bought an emergency prepare box and it's been sitting near the backdoor the past 13 years so I don't even see it anymore, it just blends in with everything else. I need to open that and see if anything had expired, like the first aid cream, I bet the portable radio batteries have corroded. Time to update.
I work in healthcare so in winter I always have a 2 day stash in my truck in case I can't get home... for the house we have often lost power for up to a week.. so we have a genny, lots of camping gear, a propane fireplace and a woodstove. Hubs gets "potty water" from the spring near our house.. it has never frozen! I also keep jugs of water in each bathroom.. it may be stale but it works for a quick wash or toothbrush. I got an emergency bag from the red cross for donating blood one year, and I have used the radio.. I take the batteries out when I am done with it FF. Our CG dosent make it when the weather is bad.. so my FLMA is a godsend!

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