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They say there is a look back period of 5 years, not to give away large amounts of money if you will be going into an assisted living arrangment or nursing home. What about if your parents purchased a grave plot...but made no funeral arrangements? Can a POA make prepaid funeral arrangments and not have this considered in the look back period? I ask because none my siblings can afford a funeral...but my parents ath this point, can. I see not having these arrangements made ahead of time an unneccessary burden to deal with if you can do it ahead of time. Is it legal to do so? My mom has Alzheimers and dad has dementia, and I have been hiring caretakers to look after them in their home. I have had all responsibility put upon me...and I don't think I could handle the stress of making funeral arrangements when "the time" comes. Is it ok to make prepaid arrangements? My uncle says no. I don't see why not! It is something that is going to have to be done anyway. Any iseas?


I was told that you can make arrangements up to $5400. It has to be an Irrevocable Funeral account. I was searching the internet and found something about Irrevocable Funeral Trust. I'm still checking that one out!
Tremaliz....can you send me the link where you found this info? I'd appreciate! Deb
I would like to know too. Rocky
Check with your county Medicaid Department. In my state, one is permitted to use money toward an irrevocable burial fund. The amount, at the time, did not matter, just so it is irrevocable. Don't know the current policy, but my relative has one, and she is still eligible for Medicaid. The funeral home of your choice can set one up, just make sure that it is "irrevocable".
Good idea TME. I will have to check into this......Deb
Wow! Great info...thanks for sharing this. Have a good evening! Deb
I too have been researching this subject. Mother has no assets except for social security. We've been trying to save some of it for last expenses however we've been told that medicaid will only let you keep $1,500.00 to go towards last expenses. I don't know that it applies to us since she has so few assets but wanted to post it for information's sake. I am going to be talking to our Medicaid office and will post what I learn.
I wonder if that is because of maybe the state you live in? Or possible they go by the income you receive..and since she has so few assets...maybe that could be why? Let us know when you find anything out...take care...Deb
Tremaliz, could you please pass this info to me also? I am currently trying to establish a funeral account with a bank but no one seems to know what I'm talking about. I don't want to commit the monies to a funeral home should they however unlikely go out of business. Debi58, I'm about in the same shoes as you! My parents have burial plots but have since moved out of that state with no plans to return. My other family memebers are AWOL when it comes to money so I too am trying to make it easier on me because ultimately, the duty will fall on me. Do what you can now to ease your burden later!
From what I was told It has to be set up with a funeral Home! I searched Irrevocable trusts. Not to sure about them. Still researching!

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