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I have brother who retired military and he is married. My problem is that his wife gave my family a poa for medical. My brother no longer lives with his wife. she does not provide for him finacially. He still recieve his retirement check. What can I do to get him his money?


Normally a medical or durable POA is given by the person them self, and not by someone else for they are the one granting the authority. Also, POAs are given to an individual not to a group.

So, I'm confused. Who directly gave medical POA to whom?

Who is getting his recieve his retirement check?

Has anyone contacted the military to tell them that he has moved?
The medical POA was giving to my sister from my sister in law. No the military has not been notify yet of my brother move. My sister in law still recieves my brother retirement check. I believe his check is being direct deposit to account that sister in law has access to.
Why don't you inform the military?

Have you read the POA?

If not, I think you should.
My family will notify the military tomorrow thanks for your help.

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