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Give a try. Write a Haiku. Limerick. Free Verse. Sometimes life is so indescribable, that prose is not enough, and only poetry can release our hearts.


A Haiku
“Sorry I failed you,” she says.
“Only bodies fail,”
I assured her, “you have not.”
A free verse

I never meant for her to suffer like this.
with their long term antibiotics.
turning into
each of their interventions seemed reasonable
at the time.
but one snowballs into another.
and each treatment
lays the groundwork for the
the next crisis.
each chemical
sparks a reaction
from her sensitive body.
what to do now
to help her?
not all of us
get a good death.
but for her
for her
I would wish
other than this.
All we hear about lately is budget deficit, economic deficit and financial deficit

But defining ourselves by how others treat us is emotional deficit

Taking our self-esteem and identity from those who have none is psychological deficit

Family relationships gone selfishly wild

Who among us has not felt like a motherless or a fatherless child?
Path Through Tragic Pain

God’s solution for crushing tragedy
is not an offer of a miraculous remedy.

God offers not a formula to eliminate or insulate,
Instead God calls us on the path to participate.

God’s grace transforming our places of humiliation,
such is the journey of tragic redemption.

Wise words, pure and true, meant as a healing too1,
used wrongly are just cruel.

‘What ifs’ only chain us to the past.
Blame games brings healing which does not last.

Naive expectations seek for faith to work like magic.
Yet, by faith we walk through the tragic.

Various addictions help excuse our real condition.
They block the way for helpful consolation.

Tragic pain easily becomes fused into a sick self-identification.
A calloused soul greatly needing tragic redemption.

Tragic feelings deep and real are not the center of the universe,
‘No one knows the trouble I’ve seen’ needs another verse.

Other’s tragedies might not be as bad.
While some are far worse than what we had.

Sucking others into our misery,
creates a path to further insanity.

Locked in by self centered rage,
like a wild animal in a cage.

Bitterness creates an illusion of security and control.
Yet, it will not make one whole.

Expecting and demanding perfection creates dark isolation.
The courage to be imperfect brings salvation.

Controlling, rationalizing and intellectualizing spreads darkness in our souls.
while accepting ourselves as flawed returns the dawn of life into our aching souls.

Isolated souls existing around like souls, hurt, kill and destroy each other.
Connected souls living around similar souls, treat each other like sister and brother.
"This is who I am and always will be"

What a cop out to say this is who I am and always will be
because of a dysfunctional family

Years of therapy.
can set one free.
Once one has seen the light
one can't claim ignorance in the fight

The choices now made,
can't be blamed on past decisions that others made,

What a cop out to say this is who I am and always will be
because of a dysfunctional family

One can say “the end” and chose to be free.
However, often such freedom from the dark side takes years of hard work in therapy.

To excuse the lack of personal responsibility
is to keep oneself inflicted by one's dysfunctional family.

To empower oneself,
one must stop giving power to the old self

What a cop out to say this is who I am and always will be
because of a dysfunctional family

Stop waiting for others to repent,
for that's wasting energy that can be better spent.

To still wallow in the pain,
is only empowering it,
and holding on to it
which produces no gain.

It's time for many to say “the ending”,
and now “the beginning”.

What a cop out to say this is who I am and always will be
because of a dysfunctional family
A Haiku 5-7-5

Winter cold, bone deep
Reason enough to flee life
Loving us tethers her here
Sleeping all day, she floats peacefully on the clouds,
right outside heaven's gates
getting used to that Other Place
half here, half there
crossing on her own terms
and in her own time

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