I had a very pleasant visit with Mom in the nursing home today.

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She was having her afternoon tea in the dining room reading a magazine when I arrived. I brought a Christmas scrapbook and we looked through 1983 through 1986 together. She was pretty alert. She couldn't identify everyone, but I have to admit to being glad the pictures were labeled myself!

We took a brief walk/wheelchair ride around her floor and admired holiday decorations. We went to her room to see how her "miracle plant" (fast-growing amaryllis) was doing.

She invited me to stay for dinner, but I reminded her I have people to cook for. She wasn't at all upset when I left.

No demands. No drama. No complaints. Mom is 94 has a broken hip that will never heal so is wheel-chair bound, and has dementia.

Nothing to discuss, really, but I thought I ought to balance things out once in a while. Not all mothers are narcissistic mean old witches. :)


Nice to hear some good news.
I had a nice visit with my mom on Saturday. Her aphasia was worse than usual, but we had some chuckles over my grandson's antics and gossip from the rest of the family.

I had another chuckle today. I went to see my G I doc to schedule a routine colonoscopy. I can't remember when the last one was, but I remembered that his twins were three at the time. I repeated this to his receptionist and nurse, neither of whom knew how old the twins are now. So the doctor walks in and says, "so when did I see you last?" "Your twins were three years old", I say triumphantly. "Oy," he says," the twins, how old are the twins?" ( he has 10 kids). We finally settled on it was 7 or 8, or maybe 9 years ago, he'll check how old they are tonight.
Nice!! It must have made your heart swell ... knowing she is doing great and is happy. That really was a nice read Jeanne... thanks for sharing the happy times. No, not all mother's are mean ol witches...
Congratulations! Miracles do happen. I am genuinely happy you got to be there on a good day!
That was so nice, Jeanne. So happy to read when one has a very pleasant visit with a parent in a nursing home :)
Glad to see this. I am contemplating having to place my mother in a nursing home. Nice to know there are good places out there!
NH called my POA brother who is in on vacation to say....Mom's chest xray has improved! She's had a longstanding pleural effusion that we declined to have tapped again, on the advice of the chief pulmonologist at her hospital. It's getting better on its own ! Truly amazing and very grateful for this lovely uptick in her health.
I visited Mom yesterday. She was having tremendous difficulty with her speech. I took her for a little ride around the facility for a change of scene, so she could see the snow, etc. When we got back to her room, I produced my tin of Burt's Bees cuticle cream ( I had trimmed her nails before the ride). I rubbed it in and left her the tin; as I got up to leave she smiled and said, "oh I had such a good time today!" and sniffed her lemony nails.
beautiful share! Thank you

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