Just started playing old tunes on piano for nursing homes, seeing success especially those who have been depressed.

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Want to know more about this therapy. I am a classically trained pianist who can play by ear. Maybe can do recording for I pods. Our Nursing Home here in Rushville, Il would be interested in more information regarding this therapy for I pods, etc. Want so much to help!


When I was in the NH, one of the patients could play. What a blessing to hear!
I have developed about 7 music programs that I used in Assisted Living, Nursing Homes and Memory Care. The people I play for are such a blessing. Here I thought I was going to bless them but they have given me so much. I'm a cellist and I usually have someone who plays with me or I used canned accompaniment. I usually play about 30 minutes. I also have opportunity to reminisce about the music and have some programs of the 30's, 40's and 50's, sacred and secular.
I especially like playing for the memory care units because they will quiet down and even dance. Music can help calm the savage beast. When I play people seem to relax. The nurses want me to come all the time because they say their patience are more content when I am playing. So go and get out there. You are needed because you will bring so much to those who hear you. Blessings and keep playing!
There's a video on YouTube about a woman who found out who a older dementia patient's favorite musician was and then played him music and how he just "woke up." The video features Oliver Sacks, a noted figure in the areas of music and neurology. Last I heard he was a scholar at Columbia University. I suggest searching for the video and looking into his work. If nothing else, it is inspiring.

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