I placed my husband in a Veteran's Home. I can't believe how great he made the transition.

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This is not a question, but people asked me to let them know what happened. My husband was getting pushy and mean and I didn't know if he was going to hurt me or not. I was so scared that I placed him in a Veteran's home on Friday. I was just devastated to do this and feeling terribly guilty. But I forced myself to do it because I was so scared. I couldn't go on being on edge every moment. I figure if I have to sell my house to keep him there, so be it. I took him to the Veteran's home with the help of my daughter on Friday. He was very pleasant, agreeable and not one bit mean. So many people were praying for me and I am sure that God was with me on this next phase of Bill's life and mine too.

I went back to visit today and he was again very pleasant, glad to see me and hugged me, kissed me and told me he loved me! I am so pleased that he is adjusting very well to this. He was further along in his progress than I realized because he did just go easily and without any anger. Lucky me. i am living in peace. Comfortable with the fact that he is fitting in and I have my life back again. I didn't realize that I was doing every single thing for him. Saturday morning was so easy. All I had to do was get up and make myself a cup of coffee! WoW. I am so relieved of guilt now and feeling so much better about everything. Thanks friends for all your encouragement. I did it! He is beginning his 11th year of Alzheimer's and is transitioning from stage 6 to stage 7. The only thing he can do for himself is walk. I was doing absolutely every single thing for him! Today he was talking a lot even though I couldn't understand more than a work here and there. He was happy. And so am I!


So glad you found a solution. Best of luck to your family
Wam, I'm so happy for you and Bill! Please keep us up to date on his progress. And take care of yourself! Make sure you go see all those docs you've been putting off.
wamnanealz, it does give you a sense of peace.

I am so happy for you and your husband! Thanks for sharing your good news with us, it's so wonderful to hear!
I am actually still in good health. I just need to get walking and exercising now every day! I am walking about a mile, I want to increase so I have endurance. My family all live to be 90 in decent health. I am 70 now, so I want to be really strong so I don't need to be a burden to anyone in my family! Life is beginning again for me at age 70. I don't feel a day over 50!
Thanks for sharing a wonderful story! It's so refreshing to read about a situation that works out really well.
W, So grateful that you posted back with us, it is very encouraging to hear such a successful story, no longer afraid is so wonderful! You are awesome and brave!

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