I need someplace for my dad to stay while my family goes on vacation. He is to weak to go.

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He suffers from CHF and needs guidance but can do most things himself. He also has vision problems so help cooking as well. I just need to get away for a week with my kids and husband and he really would not be able to go. I have family that helps but they all work during the day. I would love to have him in a safe place for the week I am away. Any answers would help. Thanks


You could put him in a nursing home for a few days but it is quite expensive. If he is on hospice sometimes they will pay for his stay for up to 5 days. You might also call your local Center for Aging and see what resources they have available.
Thanks I figured it was be expensive.
You can hire a babysitter to stay with him for the week. Before my husband got his current job, he did a number of jobs like that where we either went to housesit someone's home and pets or else bring their pets and even one couple's autistic son to stay with us. You can google the subject on Google.
If you decide to get a caregiver to come stay with him you can find one at www.care(dot) com I wrote this this way without putting the dot because this site removes any useful link anyone posts. Again, it is www.care (dot)com. That is where you can both post and look for these temporary positions and you choose what to offer to pay. It's a very good site.

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