My mom is now punishing my dad by picking out a headstone that is plain. No Artwork.

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on this ...My Dad was an Artist &painted many Native American/Scenic scenes...I had thot I would be part of it a little &she is choosing it all by herself..and won't let me help with the budget on it or ways that i can save money on hurts.I have to say to myself okay...this is how it is..and i won't argue with her&sharing my thoughts or feelings she becomes argumentative.
My Father was not plain man. He love Art&would want Us all when we visited their grave to see that..something pleasing. not empty, Plain..

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I am sorry to hear that your parents are having issues over picking out a headstone. End of Life is a very hard topic for people to talk about. They are probably just uncomfortable and don't' know how to cope with this subject.

Here is our end of life section. You can find resources and support here when caring for you parents.

Hope they can make a decision together.

-Karie H. Team

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