Physically unable to care for my home and property.

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Due to physical condition I cannot maintian my home and property. I have tried to sale but that did not work. I need funds or help to work with this problem and I am 70 years young.

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Hey Duke, Sorry about your situation. You are wise to seek help. I assume you don't have family, or at least not trustworthy family.

Why couldn't you sell the house? Is it below water on the mortgage? Is there existing damage that means you can't sell it? Have you talked to more than one real estate broker about the possibilities? They are the experts on selling, but not every one is equally competent.

If you have equity in the house, maybe you could get a home equity loan to do repairs. I know that my city provides low cost loans to senior home owners. Check with your city or town, and also your local aging council, "Olympic Area Agency on Aging" For Jefferson County:
915 Sheridan Street, Suite 202
Port Townsend 98368
Toll-free: 800-801-0050
Local: 360-385-2552

Sorry, that's all I got! Give us more specifics, and we'll be glad to listen, advise, and encourage.

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