Pets acting strange after I brought home some of my parents furniture.

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Two of my 3 cats are acting strange after I had recently moved to my house some furniture that had belonged to my late parents. One cat will lay for hours in front of a dresser that use to be mine as a child and that my parents had kept for about 70 years. In that dresser are items from my parents house. This is the same cat who will cry in the hallway while walking past a library table from the 1800's. I had another cat years ago who did the same thing regarding that table.

Another cat will dash past the dining room as fast as he can after I had brought into the dining room a bookcase that my Dad had built for me as a child and that was also kept in my parents house for decades. And in that bookcase I had placed many of my Dad's old books and photo albums.

Being the cats were feral they really never bonded with my parents. My parents would visit on holidays and birthdays, so it wasn't like they were in my house on a regular basis. But I would be at my parents house, so I knew I would bring home the scent of their house.

The scent of my parents old house is on the furniture, on the books, on everything I had brought back to my house. Now I wonder if pets can sense something had happened?


Or it just could be they don't like change in THEIR house. New things can be threatening to a pet and they might take some time to get comfortable with it. My rabbit really hates for me to change her room. It is HER room and I have no right to change it. But she gets used to it in a few days.
Dogs and cats are very sensitive to new smells. If your kitties are only "your" kitties, they may not like the trace of another person they are not accustomed to. They will probably get used to it. So sorry for your loss. Now it is time for YOU! :)
Jessie, I use to have cats that would go bonkers if I moved one thing the slightest inch, it was like they all had OCD [like I do].

This herd of 3 don't mind things sitting out or being moved to the other side of the room. They are like my sig other, he wouldn't realized if I had rearranged a room until the next day :P

It's like there is a vibe coming off this old furniture, or something. I will need to add another coat of polish to hide the odor.
My cats were totally alarmed when I gave them a blue water bowl.

Freqflyer, It's strange that not one, but two, cats have been upset by the library table. Maybe there is indeed some sort of vibe that's accessible to cats but not to humans.
Any chance your parents had mice dancing through the furniture?

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