Did you know that persons with dementia lose peripheral vision and eventually depth perception?

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There is a short and good Teepa Snow video snippet explaining how caregivers might observe this. It makes more sense when you understand what is happening to vision! The video is on utube, Search for Teepa Snow Aging Vision and Alzheimer's.


Interesting. Is that specific to Alzheimer's or does it happen in other forms of dementia as well?
I think it is what happens to aging eyes. I didn't know that it was worse for people with dementia. I know that at 63 my night vision is not nearly as good as it once was. And my day vision is fading as well.
According to Teepa, there is a normal narrowing in of the range of vision as we age, and it gets much worse in dementia.
Yes, I knew that. I've mentioned it several times on this site.

Mom had AD, slowly but surely she was stepping over shadows. Had a hard, very hard time going down stairs. She would step over the carpet that separated the tile in the bathroom. Mom had always had perfect vision. Had her checked out a year before the downfall.

It is a Alheimers/Dementia related thing. Perception goes along with the brain.

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