People with friends and social life less chance of developing dementia.

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Just been reading that people with an active social life and lots of friends have less chance of developing dementia?

Interesting as mum was never social and had no friends?


Well that in itself is scary for most caregivers. Bummer.
I wonder about this. My mother was very social and had lots of friends. She belonged to lots of clubs and organizations. She held offices in these groups. She volunteered for lots of charities. She and dad did lots of social things. But she still got dementia.
My mother also was the "Belle"... shuffleboard queen and social activities coordinator at their "snowbird" residence. I do believe it's in our genetic make up... my grandmother's sister died from Alzheimer's. Mom has Alzheimer's... I'm praying like h*ll it skips me.
Interesting, isn't it, that we know so little about dementia. I have the impression that there are different kinds of dementia. The common or garden variety seems to be helped or limited by exercise, intellectual stimulation etc.

But there also seems to be a really virulent kind. My friend's father was a professor, a very literary and intellectual man, and he got Alzheimer's anyway. But he retained his vocabulary to the end though he couldn't use it appropriately any more. The nurses were always complimenting him on his vocabulary.
Well best get out there and get a life eh? I think if you are alone like my mum was and suffered from depression youre more likely to get it with no social contact at all? Mum had us and that was it. Sad but true. I am becoming less and less tolerant of friends its not thier fault but they just dont get how hard my life is would be surprised if id any left when this is over!
Who knows how dementia happens. Some say genetics but neither of my mom's parents had parkinsons or developed dementia as a consequence. I'm beginning to think it's like lighting bolts or the luck of the draw or the lack thereof. And I'm thinking that US caregivers may be immuned to the crazy gene because we have our brains going non stop unless they incinerate due to overload. LOL.
I took care of my mom in her last years. She was very hardheaded,but eventually it got easier as she began to trust me. Its hard to be the child when you have always been the mom. The sad thing or I call it the good in it, was me and my mom never got alone. But my only sis was also dying with breast cancer and wanted me to be with her also. It fell to me to take care of mom. Even tho we didn't get along, I couldn't put her in a nursing home. She had always been anti. social. I built her an apt on to our house and moved her in. For 4 years my life was being there. But in the end!! I was a better person. It changed me.

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