Helping people who are not demented, but live among many dementia patients in a nursing home.

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After visiting my demented grandfather for many years, I have gotten to also meet a few elderly people that live in the same retirement home, but are mentally healthy. I feel very much with these people, because it becomes clear that they are very lonely and they lack a way to find friends. I was thinking of an app, where one could find friends based on interest, for little meet-ups. I do understand what the constraints are, given that current retirees are not that apt with using tablets and phones. However, one person I know there, who is 81 years old, does. And of course, the amount of elderly people, who are being able to use a modern tablet, PC or phone is only going to rise. What do you think about this idea? Do you think it has value for the elderly, who think they feel lonely? Best regards, Felix


Felix, nice idea, but please note that many elders cannot work their TV remote control, thus an iPhone or tablet would just collect dust. Heck, even my own cellphone doesn't do apps, and I don't need any... for me a phone is just that a phone.

If a person is living in Independent Living or in Assisted Living at a facility, the family usually fills out a questionnaire regarding the person's life. I know when my Dad first moved into IL, they had him sit with tablemates from his boyhood State. They also introduced Dad to others who were electrical or computer engineers.   

My late Dad also use to write code for computers many decades ago. Then came a point where he wasn't able to remember how to even go onto the computer to open his email :(
Ahaha, I though all Felix's posts had been deleted!
One thing that occurred to me, if technology keeps changing at the pace it has in the last 10 years by the time the tech savvy boomers have need of this idea it will be outdated. Apps? what are apps?... oh, we used to have those back in the 'teens ;)
I was at the NH today visiting a friend. She was on a very bad floor, so I understand what you mean. My friend is mentally okay, but the others on the floor had very advanced dementia. It made me sad that there are so many people living that way -- living, but not really.

I think the idea of a tech link to hookup with people will be very popular in the future. I think there will be a need for it. Right now I agree with others that tech things may be too much for people. They didn't grow up with them and often don't have very good vision. I believe the future will be different.
There are folks on my mom's unit in the NH who are there solely for physical/ medical issues. They all seem quite tech savvy and plugged into the outside world. I don't know if they are using social media like FB, but they sure seem busy!

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