PBS Caregiving special on May 7 - Caregiving for Mom & Dad.

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OWL, the voice of older women, posted this on their Facebook page today:

PBS will premiere a new documentary on caregiving, "Caring for Mom & Dad" on May 7th (check local listings for times). The documentary seeks to answer the questions of caregiving and explore the everyday emotional, health, and financial challenges that caregivers face.
Narrated by Meryl Streep, the film tells the stories of caregiving families and their experiences. The film will be available for online streaming within 24 hours of the premiere.


It sounds like it may be a series of documentaries. I don't have access to a TV, so I'm glad we can stream it to our computers.
Jessie, thanks for the tip about this show.
Thanks for the heads up on this program.
I'll be watching. Thanks.
Jessie, thanks for sharing this. I found OWL's facebook page and shared the announcement on my timeline. Raise awareness!
Thank you for sharing and caring! Isn't it amazing how this type of need is only aired on PBS while violenence and sex is aired on the typical stations? I'm most appreciative of PBS for supporting "real life" causes and educating those who care!
Looks like it will be on at 3:00 eastern time.
Jessie, thanks for posting this. Could you also post a link to the FB page for the OWL? I haven't been able to locate that. Thanks.
Certainly, though I don't know how long it will stay on the board. I'll PM the link to you, too, Carla, just in case.

Thank you for the notice. Will definately make a point to watch the broadcast.

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