Parkinson's constipation - AT MY WIT'S END

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We've tried evertying, Prunes, Prune juice and OJ juice warmed up. A thing called "Rancho Recipe" given to us by mom's neurologist (prune juice, all-bran cereal and apple sauce), 200 mg. of stool softners every night and mom still 'feels' constipated. I say 'feel' beause to me if you've had a bowel movement the day before I don't think you're constipated immediately the next day. But I'm not in her body so I can only go by what she's saying and feeling. Also mom does not eat a lot much of the time and I tell her "input output" and all the prunes In the world won't help if she barely eats. On the days she's 'constipated" which is becoming moire and more despite all the above mentioned remedies I am held hostage to this and unable to leave the house as I am her primary caregiver and it's just us 2 in the house. HELP!!!!


You are so right about the input-output. When they get older many people start shunning high fiber foods, opting for the tastier and faster breads and meats. My father barely ate enough good food to keep a bird alive during his last years. He loved sweet and salty things, but it was nearly impossible to get whole food into him. He hid good food or threw it into the garbage. I was forever finding food secreted around his chair and under tables. He suffered constipation badly because of this. We were lucky because Miralax worked well on him until he got very bad. Have you tried something like Miralax for your mother. It pulls water into the intestine and makes it easier to go.

I wish we could just say "eat this good food" and they would listen. The appetite for healthy food seems to be one of the first things to disappear with advancing years.
Thanks JessieBelle. We have used Miralax in the past and it does work but I'm afraid to use it all the time but we may have to. Just to show how these seniors can change on you in a heartbeat -- today she's super hungry since she FINALLY had a BM. I do try to keep up up the high fiber (broccoli cassaroles, cut up fruit to make fruit salads) but she has become picky picky @ meals. Doesn't like most meat dishes, hates all canned soups, cold cuts. Meatloaf, chicken soup -- she'll turn her nose up at. Desserts she'll gobble up like no ones' bz -- esp, ice cream (great for constipation ha ha). All I can do it keep trying. The Golden Years -- NOT!!
My husband has severe constipation. He did Mirlax everyday, no help.

Now I give him dulcoease every morning after breakfast. The day of the BM, I give him one dulcolax to help the process along. It's an 8 hour process here. I have found that lessening the beef products are helpful.

Vegetarian beans, as much as a person will eat, helps also. A full glass of water with those pills everyday.  A jiggerful of olive oil in that water won't hurt.  
Parkinson's (and Lewy Body) constipation are a bear. We're constantly fighting it. Our doc insisted that the foundation of the treatment is a heaping teaspoon of Miralax daily. That has helped.
Remember that long-term use of laxatives is not good. The body stops doing it own thing. It was a disaster when Miralax was used on my Mom. Stool softeners and bulk laxatives didn't work. Phillips was the only thing that did. Your Mom doesn't have to go everyday. Apple juice helped mine. Why does Mom think she is constipated? Does she have pain? It may just be something she thinks. I have to go everyday. Mom's doctor said if she doesn't go by the third day, then try something.
How about chia seeds or flax seeds. They can be soaked first to absorb water or added to other foods. Start with small amount so as not to cause bloating. When in dire straights, I use mineral oil for myself. It works.

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