Parkinson's patient with very cold feet at night.

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I found other options. by just searching under ; "cold feet"
good luck.
Raise the foot of the bed and lots of light blankets layered, along with they need their room very warm.I have a small heater in moms bedroom that goes on and off itself and doesn't get hot to the touch, it's great. She stays warm and we don't die of the heat!
They have these great little slippers in the "as seen on TV" section at walmart. They can be heated in the microwave and stay warm for a long time! Be super careful NOT to over heat though!!!! They are a great solution for cold feet. I plan to get my mom some for chistmas!
Looking to keep cold feet warm-a gift of new slippers-heating pad-extra blankets
Check the magnesium level in their diet. Both the disease and cold feet can indicate a low level of magnesium. Our soil has been striped of it and it is not added back. Our salt is stripped of it so it flows easier but is far less healthy.
Before considering magnesium supplements, consult with the doctor. There can be interactions with certain medications and may not be a good idea in the presence of heart disease or kidney problems.
Low magnesium is known in research circles as the silent epidemic of our times. Estimated 75% of the population are below the recommended daily magnesium intake. Many of the symptoms of low magnesium are not unique to magnesium deficiency. Most often low magnesium levels go unrecognized and untreated. Doctors do not focus on this as yet. Chronic low intake of magnesium is extremely common and linked to several disease states. Testing for it is very difficult. The most commonly used magnesium test, blood serum magnesium, is considered inaccurate in clearly identifying marginal magnesium deficiency. As the body is good a regulating its magnesium and other minerals a moderate dose daily is very safe and often all it takes to eliminate many of the problems. However if it has none to use you are in very great trouble. Some consider it the cause for our obesity epidemic. You would be wise to do a little research as may of the common supplements are not very well assimilate. Put in your browser , 'symptoms of low magnesium' and several really good articles come up.

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