My elderly parents live in an apartment complex. They've been fighting and their loud.

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Their fights have been getting loud and the neighbors are complaining. The problem is that they have fought for years,..but now people are complaining. My mom has early Alzheimer's. She is totally unhappy with my dad,..who is the one starting the fights and being loud,..but she won't leave him. I live in another state and I'm at a loss on what to do. Help!


Who is reporting to you that the neighbors are complaining? Are you in touch with anyone in the building who can be your eyes and ears?
Are they louder now than they used to be? Are they getting to be hard of hearing?
Unfortunately I live in a different state 1600 miles away. My mom is getting forgetful and my dad is hard of hearing,..but the apt. Manager is complaining. I feel helpless!
The manager is complaining to YOU? Why is that? Tell him he should call social services and possibly 911.

The question is, do you have POA or have your parents in any way made you responsible for what happens to them as they age? Have you been able to have this discussion with them? If yes, then start researching memory care units close to where you live. If not, let local authorities deal with it.
Have they had hearing tests lately? Do either wear hearing aids? If so, maybe have those serviced, checked, to be sure they are working properly, and the battery is good. Lordy,I used to think New Yorkers talked loud but I have since become used to it so it seems normal now! Do they listen to their tv at a loud volume or not? If not, perhaps turn up the tv, or even tell others its a soap opera they watch daily that folks are hearing. : )

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