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Is anyone else experiencing problems with pages loading? After getting to the home page for the Q & A, when I click on any thread, there's about a minute long pause when only the ads and blue bars are shown; the rest of the page is clear white.

Eventually, the actual thread loads - usually. Sometimes I just close down or visit another site where the problem doesn't occur.. This happens in both IE and Firefox, so I'm sure it's not a browser issue.

Now I'm getting a notice stating ""transferring data from page ad 2" -- it seems to infer the thread is loaded on google and then opened here. (The notice is w/o spaces, which I added for legibility.)

I randomly picked "Emotional Wellbeing" as the thread category b/c thinking that posts are being automatically submitted to some google ad (which is probably a tracking ad) is going to affect my emotional wellbeing if this doesn't get fixed ASAP.

I knew that threads were linked to google but I don't understand why they would load there first and be transferred here, unless there's some linking that's just been initiated.

Anyone else having this problem?


Log off, power down, wait a minute and reboot. Do a disk cleanup.
GardenArtist, YES.... I noticed yesterday and today that the browsers are so very slow for Aging Care.... I also use Firefox and normally it is very quick. Once the thread is loaded then no problem on the thread itself. But if I click on "Ask a Question" there it goes again, dragging until it downloads.

The only other thing I can think is that there is so much traffic on the information highway that the roads are jammed with readers. People watching the baseball games from the other night when they were watching the Debate, or vise versa. I know if I try to go into another website, such as AOL where I use IE as my browser it takes forever for all the ads to download.

Mine is fine, up here in western NY. AHA! The Russians did it!
GA, are you with Charter? If so, there are transformer problems the last few days. If you have a cell phone, make it your router and you can tether your computer to it.
I'm seeing a lag loading pictures on the articles, caregiving, care guides and find care pages but the forum is behaving as usual. I've noticed on other sites that kind of lag is often related to site updates.
I don't know if it is a cable vendor problem. Here at home I have FiOS and at work I have Comcast.... same issues both places.
CNN News: Massive Cyber Attack takes down websites in the US... And here I chuckled when I read Pam's comment. She's correct in that it's a cyber attack. Russian? We don't know yet.
No, its a systemwide attack problem affecting East coast USA
Pam found the answer. Just read a news report about Twitter, Netflix, etc. were down. I don't use any of them so I was clueless to what was happening in the social media world.

I wonder how many toasters, coffeemakers, and digital doorbells were running amuck :P
According to NERC there are DDoS attacks at times that make managing the power grid rather frustrating for them.

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