Pacemaker 'cure' for Alzheimer's

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Pacemaker 'cure' for Alzheimer's: Brain implant helps sufferers lead a fuller life. I just saw this article today on the internet and thought people might be interested in reading. This latest development in the UK sounds hopeful for future sufferers. Google 911685/Alzheimer-s-disease-dementia-science-breakthrough-brain-pacemaker-slows-progression


I hate to pour cold water but the source seems to be the Daily Express which is, um, not the most scientifically-minded of our national dailies, shall we say (it's not the worst, either!). There's another article listed going back to 2012 on deep brain stimulation studies at Johns Hopkins, too. Doesn't sound like there'll be anything happening in a hurry, alas.
I don't know if this is the right place or if I am qualified to post this - but I have had remarkable success with supplements returning cognition to my DH.

I started with Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray to get the pneumonia out of his lungs (he's 96) and within 2 days, the pneumonia was gone and he was doing better. I then added Iodine to both our diets and again, within 2 days he knew I am his wife and that we are in our own home!

Because he has been falling and the Silver & Iodine are working so well, I looked up a few things for his muscles and found I had to add Magnesium and "Up" his Vitamin D.

I am NOT in the medical field. But I now add 1 drop 500 ppm colloidal silver & 1 drop Iodine (food grade) to his first cup of cocoa. And, I am making sure he gets the full 400 mg Magnesium and about 10,000 IU of Vitamin D daily.

You can ask your physician (I reported what I am doing and was only told to watch for side-effects) and/or you can google for the information like I did.

I am just saying what is helping my DH get back to a more normal life. Life is sweeter when your LO knows who you are.
I'm always hopeful that some new break through will help. Does this device work similar to vegas nerve stimulation? My niece has one of those to help prevent seizures. It works better for some than others. She's had limited success with it, so that's a disappointment. The brain is such a mystery. I pray every day for some miracles.
Even if it works, it will be years/decades before it goes mainstream. It's just the way it is.

There has also been some work on rats that have not only slowed but reduced amyloid build up in the brain. Amyloid is thought to cause alzhemier's. The beauty of this research was that it was all done with light. Strobing a light oscillating at right around 24Hz did the trick. Unfortunately it only did it in the visual cortex. Which seems obvious since that's the part of the brain that processes visual stimulus. The strobing light acts like a pacemaker for the visual cortex. It syncs the neurons. So if this electrical stimulation does the same at the same frequency, they may be on to something.
Well thanks for your answer needtowash. I unfortunately don’t know a lot about ongoing research and treatment of Dementia and Alzheimers.

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