Alzheimer patient takes own home entrance door with him to nursing home.

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Meny elderly people that move to a new caretaking environment have difficulties to find their way around. In the Netherlands, a new idea has emerged where patients with Alzheimer disease can recognize their living quarters by sticking a lifesize sticker of their own (old) front entrance door to their new living quarters door. This also gives the patient a sense of being more at home. I wonder if this is also already in use in the USA. Marc Pors The Netherlands


That's interesting, Marc. This is the first time I've heard of it.
' interesting ' as in freakin brilliant . its recently became obvious to me that medicine is being assisted by date think tanks . to me , that means that all of our lowly experiences and input is being analyzed by computers in these data centers . it makes me optomistic about the future of medicine .
i can give an example of information flowing upward . for years ive told people online that a hard drinker gets relief from swollen and inflamed liver discomfort in 4 months after abstaining . interestingly enough this is now the number of months that govt / medicine acknoleges . data analasys is causing us to educate each other as a society .
spell check on this pc may as well stfu . im too old to care about improving my spelling ..
Vinyl door graphics! My husband would want a picture of his garage on the wall with tool chests in the background and a Harley in the foreground. My brother in law would want a wall graphic of his boat at the dock. Captain would want his favorite stone mansion there. Give me a picture of Raccoons in a tree.
Awesome idea !!

When I was on tour of a nearby nursing home it reminded me of a hotel and I was thinking how in the world do those with memory issues find their room door.... there were name plates next to the door frame but the print was small, and I would see an occasional door wreath.

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