Overwhelmed with caregiving on South Florida.

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My mother 86 now took turn for the worst with her physical and mental health rapidly declining, she is not able take care of herself, over last couple of years. I've been coming to help her with her needs on daily basis, but living 2 hours away gets more and more taxing. She is on small social security and pension fixed income. So now I'm faced with questions - If I get visiting caregiver for her - should I try an agency or try to find somebody privately? What is the cost per hour I should expect to pay either to an agency or to private nurse aid? What are reputable agencies between Miami and Fort Lauderdale area where she is located? Does Medicare pays for any type of long term care?
If I would consider assisted living facility - what are good ones and what is cost of living a studio in assisted living facility?
I know it's a lot of questions, any advice would be appreciated, I'm embarking on a journey now and want to learn as much as possible.


I took care of my Mother for four years and still taking care of my sweety. Mother was good when she came to Florida from Michigan. My sweety at the time was going thru hyperbaric treatments five days a week. She all of a sudden gave up. I was more like her personal slave. She was jealous of the time i spent with " sweety". He in turn was jealous of the time i spent with her. So we rented a big 2 bedroom condo. It worked pretty well. Then my sister moved down from Michigan to help. Thank goodness. Mother passed away 2 years. Now i have a feeling "Sweety's" cancer is back. He sleeps all the time.I am sorry, back to what I wanted to tell you. While taking care of both, i found out about elderly care. Dial 211 on phone. There is so much help and answers there. If you were closer to Madeira BeachFl. I would help just to get out of house.
There's an organization called Care Patrol that I think has branches all over Florida. They were recommended to me by a trustworthy source. They give you info on what's available in your area and the costs. My Mom is in Florida but in the Orlando area so I don't know about your Mom's area, but these people should.

I can answer one thing. Medicare doesn't pay for long term care except for a rehab stay immediately following a hospital stay, and then only for a limited period (I think it's 21 days and then a partial payment for the next period up to 100 days max). the rest of the questions you need someone familiar with your specific geographical area. Good luck!
Thanks for the advice, As I get into care and living with elderly parent, I see I still
have a lot of ground to cover
Florida has a network of 15 Memory Disorder Clinics, University of Miami hosts the one for your area. I highly recommend getting your mom an appointment for evaluation. That will give you a lot of information about her current & future needs. The program staff includes a social worker, who will help you find the appropriate resources for care.
It's challenging since she has medicare , not medicaid .... I'm trying to figure out
what at home help available which is covered by medicare

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