Overwhelmed kinda day.

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Today is why I joined. Days like this. So, here goes...
Hot flashes kept me up last nightand still being hit with them. My back hurts and my legs are numbish. My gramaw did something with the bacon and cheese. Dont know what was in her breathing treatment but not her meds and I can not find them either. My husband dumped the laundry basket out on the ramp outside and it rained. I have to go finish moving my gramaws stuff and clean her old place today. And it is raining. Her dog peed the floor. My dishes multiplied over night. I have a good two basketfulls of ironing piled up. My husband , at 12, is still in bed cause he's depressed cause he can not work due to rain and we are broke. My son came in here aboutv10 minutes ago and got mom? Out of his mouth and I just threw a hand up and said, got nothing left right now. Pretend someone had a gun to your head and said, solve this problem or I shoot. He seems to be figuring things out. Uh-k. That should get me through. My insides aren't quivering now anyways.


Breathe in deeply, let it out slowly. Repeat. Repeat.

Sorry about your day, and even sorrier that there will be more days like this on your journey. I'm glad you found this forum. Vent away!
At least you still have a sense of humor!!! That will get you thru some of the worst times.... hang in there and come back and we'll tell you we understand and you are not alone... sending you cyber hugs..
Thank yall.
I have had a bad day. I had to go through all her stuff. You have to look in every insignificant envelope or whole cause she hides stuff. Seeing all the horded garbage just really
brings her mental decline full in my face. And so now, I am
finaly crying. Must of needed to say that. I threw away a
hugepile of her stuff. Nothing she needs but still... And I
found a Mothers day card from my mama to my gramaw that
said Happy Mothers day mama. I love you so much. I wish
my kids loved me as much a you are loved. Hog wash. I was hateful to my husband too. I made it right and he understands but I still feel bad. My son came in here ajd I was crying so now I have to reassure him I am alright. I have fretted all day over a post I read about Medicare. My gramaw is really my mama. She always nurtured and tried to protect me from my mama. And when she got sick I tried to protect her from my mama. Now, right now, I just really, really want my gramaw back. It's just been a rotten day full of the truth.
you still Iron? seriously? I used to find it cathartic but now.. nope, fight a different battle I say. You're a true goddess if you are still doing it though. When my Mom died it was a huge hug to give her stuff to a charity, even if I had to wash it before hand. I loved knowing 1. it would have pissed her off that I didn't sell it. 2. I had given someone a chance to wear really expensive clothes for cheap!! .... Blessings to you dear!
You have angel wings for taking care of grandma, now call the county hall and get some help.
Well..What is county hall? What kind of help.
oh, yah .. ironing, "You want that ironed? Here's the iron and the board .. have at it." You have so much more on your plate that has higher priority. I'm on the same 'unload train.' And hopping aboard the call county rails........ This is just the beginning, and you'll NEED the help. Start looking for it now. For your gramaw AND for you. *hugs*
I used to love ironing. And like you, I now hate it. Everyone else can wash and dry and have wrinkle free clothes but not
me. :D
1healthyangel, I hope you are feeling better tonight. Some days I get so wound inside that I want to scream and growl and throw things. And those are the good days. :) This is the hardest job a person could ever have, especially the emotional part. I hope you have someone to give you a nice back massage after going through all the papers today. That is really tiring, and filtering out the history is harder than we think it will be. When I went through my dad's papers, I felt so disrespectful, but it had to be done. I had to remind myself that it was only paper. I wasn't throwing him away.

I am glad you are there for your grandmother. She is so lucky to have you in her corner.
I googled County hall and County Rails. I honestly dont know what they are. I have Hospice for over two years now. I did have Senior citizens but after two hours and fifteen minutes of dealing with the new stuffl still did it wrong so I no longer have their help. It is o.k. though. Just a bad day. I don't have to be back at school till the 6th. I am a volunteer teacher and p.e. coach at our churches homeschool. I am with my son all day tue. Wed. And thur. I will be working on some signs but they can be done here. This will put mine and husbands mind at ease cause we need the cash.and tomorrow I will be done with her old place.

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