Does anyone know how to overcome insomnia without using sleep aids?

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Does anyone know how to gets me sleep while stresses. I seem to wake up in the middle of the night like around 2 or 3. Yes I have read suggestions on the internet, but was wondering if there are other suggestions that have worked for them?


Face what it is that you fear, figure out what exactly it is that you are trying to control and let it go. Morning exercise, outside time in nature, classical music at night, chamomile tea, teddy bear can't hurt. If you're drinking alcohol in the evening this will for sure make you wake up at 2 or 3, watch your sweets, don't eat too heavy before bed. Love and be kind to yourself, tell yourself and listen to all those things you'd tell your best friend.
A shot of Nyquil always works.
I am almost 60, so I gave up and started using ZZZquil. But, sometimes I still wake up. Anyway, I have to be completely comfortable. That means nice sheets, quality mattress, total dark and in the last 4 years, I have started sleeping alone. Oh, and no napping during the day.
i use ambien. it gives you an immediate 4-5 hrs of good, deep sleep. with the sleepdriving you actually get a lot done. i awoke this am to 6 pkts of bakers yeast lying on the counter. noone knew i needed yeast but myself. looks like i filled up the fuel tank on the truck too. yay..
Insomnia may be caused by numerous issues. If your bed is actually uncomfortable then this may be the issue so the solution would be to obtain a more comfortable bed. If your anxious then the solution would be to discover serenity and tranquility so that your stress levels will come down. In case your depressed then the solution is always to see a doctor and get a few antidepressants which may help. Or else you could see the doctor about this sleeplessness and they could provide you with a few pills to help you sleep. However yeah it all depends on what causes this insomnia, if you find this particular out then the solution to conquer it will be pretty easy.

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