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When other's are just ticking you off, when you just cannot keep it in any longer, and you have already tried and tried; or you find something so funny but posting it topically would interrupt a conversation; OR you feel like testing your own compassionate quotient by wording it in a way so as NOT to offend;
Instead of logging out, post it here......

Here is an example: Some posts are getting soooo long that no one reads them. Ever. But one day, you find yourself bored out of your mind, and you read, and read, and read. Only to discover that person, a part of the community here, may need help that you cannot give. You want to help, but you are prevented. So, say it all here. Air concerns, but be extremely kind-because everyone you meet is fighting an uphill battle.
If it is too long, no one will read it.


We all want to be helpful, but how helpful can a long post be if instead if turns out to be a vitriolic manifesto against every wrong in the world? People just ignore posts like that, but what if the angry person needs help?
Inquiring minds want to know.  It's them behaving badly, not me?
It is often said, familiarity breeds contempt.
Now that I have gotten to know the motivations of my extended family, I never want to see them again. At all.
It is them behaving ever so badly, it's them, not me.
Other people behaving badly, not likely to change.
Feel like I don't have to prove it to them.
Thanks for the new thread
Remember my post on the caregivers behaving badly thread when I was bad and criticized the food at mom's NH? I have twice been asked by this cook to critique her cooking. How can I possibly say anything negative? Payback form a passive aggressive cook?
Sendhelp, if there is a new original post that is very long with no breaks in the paragraphs and no periods at the end of sentences [like a 500 word sentence], I find I have trouble reading it, so sadly I give up by the 4th line, because it can read two different ways. If only they would proof-read, and especially now that we can edit [love that function]. Oh how I want to be "teacher" and have them turn in a new paper.... and use "who, what, where, when, and why" when talking about a subject.

And what about those new writers that seem to be "drive-by" writers. They post a new question, and after 5 pages of answers from the community, we never hear back from them, not once since the original posting.... [sigh]. They have left the building and threw away the address.

FF, I really do try to read through those difficult long posts, but in the end I usually leave them for someone else to answer. I think my years of caregiving used up all my patience.
Did you see any improvement in the food?
We all have days when a meal just doesn't turn out well, and that one meal was definitely the worst I've tried there. I know there is only so much you can do with a pureed diet, but some of the food is rather puzzling. I figured it might be safest to steer mom away from any mixtures thinking you can't really screw up meat and potatoes. For example, the regular menu was bbq ribs, potato wedges and a veg. Mom gets mashed potato, pureed veg and ??? It looked and tasted like mashed potatoes with bbq sauce mixed in, if there was any meat in there it was well hidden. It tasted OK, but was just... strange. Another meal was supposed to be turkey but looked like the same strange item sans the bbq sauce. If you aren't gonna serve the same food as on the regular menu that's OK, just tell us first. And where is the nutrition in what seemed to be essentially two servings of mashed potatoes? Especially when potatoes are served every day, sometimes for both lunch and dinner.
The cook should have arrived already knowing how to cook, imo. Cooks behaving badly.

Knowing that blaming others for everything can be a sign of narcissism or other psychopathology, I just want to reassure posters here that is not what we are doing.
Too many caregivers can take on all the responsibilities for things not being right, and have little time to research or figure things out. After all, Mom or Dad may be sick, right? Well, often, it's not you, it's them!
It is other people behaving badly.
So badly in fact, that it is hurting you.
Complain about it here!

It is not you, not your fault!

It is others behaving badly!


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