New to this. Love my Mom regardless. Only one taking care of her full time.

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Just want to talk to anyone. Thank you.


Tell us more. your'e in good, non-judgmental company. Ask away, vent away and you'll get a variety of opinions to consider!
Thank you. Just sometimes overwhelmed, but I am certain that is not surprising. I am from a family of 6 men. I am the one son that said he would take care of her. I was shocked when no one else elected to, but not entirely surprised. My mom is so special, as with everyones parents on this and all sites I would imagine are. I don't know. If it were not for my working out, I would be mega lost. And I am also shocked at how little there is out here in way of assistance. Little empathy is what I have felt from organizations in my area.
Let us know what is going on and where you are. We're here to help!
Welcome, lm1936. Could you tell us a little about your mother, like how old she is and what types of ailments she has? Most of the people on the group are taking care of elder parents, though some are taking care of spouses. This is a great place to ask for suggestions or vent about how you feel about things. I imagine since you have 5 brothers who aren't involved in caregiving, you have much venting you would like to do.
What a brilliant soul you are! Use the opportunity to find all the good in you both. If she is able- the elderly love memory lane. Ask her questions about her life. Look in the mirror often and thank mom for having you. You are in good non judgemental company.
Do not expect much help from your brothers. Care always falls to the one person that can step in.

Also, make plans now, on where mom will go, when you can no longer take care of her. Does she have insurance and can she pay for a nursing home?

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