Only child dealing with aging parents 80/78. I don't even know where to begin! Help!!

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PS. Littletonway is spot on...many of us are "only child" even with sibs because all the burden falls on us when they bow out.

Lots of help/advice on this website. Just continue to scroll through questions and you will find much support and answers. Start with looking at bottom of home page and you will have access to many resources, health and legal advice.
Step 1: Talk with your parents and determine if everything legal is in order, DPA, POA, wills, medical wishes, etc.
Step 2: Evaluate living conditions - are they able to care for themselves, do they need some outside help; what type - meals on wheels, cleaning, transportation or skilled caregiving?
Step 3: Contact the local Senior Services in their area; find out what resources are available
Step 4: May need to have outside elder care evaluation by an eldercare expert. Get recommendations from their family doctor or the Senior Services.
Step 5: Continue to come to this web and ask questions, get timely answers and support.
Step 6: RESIST BEING PRIMARY CAREGIVER or TAKING CAREGIVER 24/7 duties until you have read thru the many blogs here and had serious discussions with parents doctors, elder care mgr and eldercare attorney. You may not be cut out for the rigor and longterm caregiving that lies ahead for your parents.

Oh no peedsmom1 - you are NOT alone. There are many question/discussion threads here about only child caregivers and they include those of us who feel like only children. We have siblings but they are not interested and chose not to help with our parents for whatever reason.

We are here to support and care for each other. Great place to vent and share your story. Caregiving is a lonely thing sometimes even when you have help.

Wishing you all the best. Come back and join us often!

I knew I was all alone. Only children just know this!

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