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What's for dinner? MAKES ME WANT TO PULL MY HAIR OUT! This is from MY CHILDREN, who have moved back home with their children. I say that I am going to do a menu and stick to it, but something always comes up and I don't do it.

What is the question that you hate?


I have two children and a child's SO living in my home now. They pay room and board and that is the only thing allowing me to stay in my house. We get along famously.

By my choice, I am in charge of all meals. I plan, shop, and cook. They clean up. I love having free reign. I do menus a week in advance and post them on the refrigerator. Weeks I skip this don't go as smoothly. I can glance at the chart at night and know if I have to take something out of the freezer. I can look at it in the morning and see if I need to shop for fresh items for the next couple of days. It is more for me than for them!

They all work. I am home. I've always worked and never had the chance to devote time and love to this part of homemaking. I'm really enjoying it.

Do your children work? Are they paying you? Would you like them to contribute to the meal-making? What if they took turns coming up with a week's menu? They could include page numbers of cookbooks or print out recipes. Your question seems to imply that it is meal planning you like least. Do the grandchildren do the cleanup?

I hate any question that starts with "where is the ..."
One of my children works and the other one is in college. Even my husband calls me on his way home and asks the same question. I work full time, and I am only at home until 8 pm and that is when I go to my Mom's to spend the night. They don't pay me but they do help with housework and yardwork.

I am going to HAVE to do a meal plan. They will have to be in charge of taking something out of the freezer in the morning and I also want to use the crockpot more.
With a full-time job and an overnight caregiving gig, it sounds like you already have a lot on your plate (no pun intended). You have other adults in the house - can't everyone else take a turn cooking? Your children would have to cook their own meals if they weren't staying in your home, so why should they expect you to cook for them? Surely you are already working at least as hard as everyone else.
Oh Carla, you are so right!

Crockpots are awesome. Which child should be in charge of a crockpot meal at least once a week? How early are the college student's classes?
I hate "Where did you move the ____ to?" I am not the only human being in the house, nor am I the only human being who picks up objects to use in the house.

Could it be, just remotely possible that once or twice dear family member that YOU YOURSELF put the thing down and forgot where? Hmmmmm?
"Will you turn me over?" This could mean I'm bored, I'm wet, I want to go to the bathroom, I'm thirsty I'm....????? Mostly when I ask what she needs she says "I don't know", so we play 20 questions, usually ending with "I don't want anything I just want to be quiet". If she calls me one more time today I'm gonna jam pencils in my ears so I can't hear her....AAAAARGHHHHH!!!!
"What is the question you hate?"
Just like when Cwillie's thread was taken down ( Pet Peeves) and everyone speculated why for so long...I am going to hate answering the question:
Why did admin take down the thread: "Caregivers Behaving Badly".
So here is the reason I am giving to avoid divisions among caregiver to caregiver friends, please accept A/C's decision.
Guessing they took it down because too many were behaving badly.

If you have found your way to this thread somehow, use it for good, be kind to everyone you meet, everyone here is fighting their own uphill battles we don't know about.

Really like the menu plan idea.
A variation I recently tried after returning from the market, was to make a list of everything main dish ingredients available to make xyz dishes.
Tacos: Tortillas, lettuce, tomatoes, taco sauce, cheese, cilantro, hamburger etc.
Then, my finicky husband gets to choose.
Turns out it was harder to get him to choose anything.
He does do well with an unchangeable routine, laying out his plate with a cover on it because he won't come when dinner is ready.
Oooh, I just got a glossy ad, that came in the mail called HOME CHEF. Now I certainly cannot afford to have meals delivered, but this one is a little different, in that they send the raw food , all of the sauces, glazes, spices and everything else to make your nice fresh homemade meals in about 30 minutes. So I went on their website to see HOW, MUCH, and ya, kinda pricey, for the average worker's wage. But, they have WEEKLY MEAL PLANS, And Gorgeous pictures, along with all of the preparation instructions! And really nice tasty foods of different varieties! I would go to their website just to look for idea's for weekly meal plans! Yummm!
I don't have kids, which is probably a good thing...because if they asked me that question every night my answer would be...I don't know, what are you making? LOL

I don't really have a pet peeve question. Sometimes tiny little things irritate me like when my dad takes brownies out of the fridge that I have baked for him and asks "do these have sugar?". He is diabetic. I make him baked goods from scratch with sugar substitutes. I have NEVER once brought an item with sugar in the house in 20+ years. Yet every single time he takes something out of the fridge he asks...does this have sugar? And every time I say, no dad I made those special for you. And every time he marvels at how I can make sweet items with no sugar. It's cute really...but 10+ times in one hour can grate on me a bit.


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