One of my AC hero's, someone who has helped probably everyone here, needs us now.

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It's probably not appropriate for me to share this news, but I don't care. I have been where she is and I KNOW she needs support.

Pam Stegman posted "on her mind" yesterday, that her Daughter Lisa is finally out of pain and wearing her wings and halo. She has STILL been answering questions and STILL helping all of us, but I don't think anyone else noticed her post as many don't read "on my mind."

If you love and respect this wonderful woman as much as I do, please send prayers her way.

Pam, I don't mean to Butt into your business, but I really think so many people here would want to know and send prayers and support. God Bless you.


Thanks BoniChak
what is her screen name?
Oh Pam, I am so sorry.... but this has been a long battle for your daughter and for you.... my heart hurts for you for the loss of a child..... just know we are here for you, always....sending lots of hugs and prayers..... thank you for always being here for us, and now we are here for you...
so sorry pam. i havent faced such a devastation and cant find words to comfort you . all the best to your family..
Pam - Ladeem is right we are all here for you. Now is the time for you to let the many people you helped--help you. I know that God will be there for you to lean on. Please take care of you.
Dear Pam - Words cannot express my heartache for you and your family. Prayers for comfort and peace for your entire family. We are all here for you.
had no idea about her daughter how do we miss things like this? poor pam so sad.
Oh no. I did not know. Thank you BoniChak.... Pam, I am keeping you in my prayers at this most difficult time....I'm so sorry for your loss.
I clicked on this to see who needs help and now you have tears streaming down my face and my nose is running too. But thanks anyway. I live in a small city, very 50's kind of place. I have been inundated with casseroles.... Wish I could share them all with you.

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