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Gotta vent.... Went into our downstairs bathroom which is also my dad's and almost got sick... How can one person who dosnt eat much make such a mess??? I had to put gloves on and wipe down everything including the door. I then decided I had to wipe down other things he might of touched (not sure he washes his hands) I feel like his mother but I do remind him to wash. He thinks someone else made the mess. I know it was him cuz the family pretty much dosnt use this bathroom. Is their anyway to help this problem???


Not sure how old or capable your dad is so some suggestions:
Gloves for him and show him how to use them and then make sure he does
Bell on the bathroom door so you know when he has gone in and can check it before he manages to contaminate everything in sight
Disposable wipes both for his backside and for his hands might help
Some sanitising gel

Is he starting to become bowel incontinent do you think if so time for the professionals to get might just be something he ate

Oh and dont forget the airspray - I have one that is activiated every x amount of minutes but youan get them that are activated when he opens the bathroom door.

If he is just starting to forget things perhaps a big sign on the door saying is the bathroom clean? have you washed your hands? might help
My father-in-law has his moments. He uses our hall bath, and I check it before I know people are coming to make sure his underwear isn't lying on tub and toilet clean. He tries to do a good job, but I think his eyes are not as good to see things. We are like you and wipe everything down behind him. I wonder sometimes, how does THAT get there? having to get plunger for shower once was almost a last straw for me, but my husband kept me from coming unglued. He keeps it pretty clean because we have asked him too because it is the hall bath.
We do alot of what Jude mentioned. If he is capable cleaning up after himself, Lysol wipes for the counter or toilet are great and can be discarded afterwards. Can never have enough deodorizing spray as Jude mentioned. My father in law does tell us when he has an accident in bathroom, maybe your dad doesn't?
It's a tough one, but when I consider the astronomical charge for nursing home, yah, just keep thinking about $8,000 or more a month for nursing home. I do wish we could have mom moved there, but that price tag is just too high. We already paid it once for Dad.
I did the math on the senior residence, and came out deciding it was not only a better value, but a sanity saver. It's not paid with my money, but mom's. And soon Medicaid. Mom started in an apartment with services that was only $1350/month - with 20 meals included. It didn't turn into $7K/month until she went into the skilled nursing unit with 24/7 supervision, and then the secure dementia unit. Now she's totally bedbound in hospice, and it's not as much.

I used to clean her bathroom in her apartment, and also wondered "how did THAT get THERE?!?" Holy smokes. Sometimes you don't want to think about it too hard, like what's on the bottom of their shoes and where have those been in the house. I should have bought stock in the Clorox & Lysol companies. I was worried we wouldn't get her deposit back based on the condition of the carpet between her recliner and the toilet. Oh my goodness. They steam cleaned the heck out of the place, and it was OK.

As mom has declined and become totally incontinent, the residence has moved her into different units for higher needs and kept pace with her needs very easily. And the cleaning.

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