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Several days ago ba8alou suggested an online book club, since reading is something many caregivers can engage in but going to local book clubs can be difficult. Several people thought that was a great idea. I think we are kind of waiting for someone to start it. I'm Someone!

Here's how this first crack at it will work.

1) The book is "The Goldfinch" by By Donna Tartt. I hadn't heard of this book suggested by ba8alou but I see it won a Pulitzer Prize and it sounds worth reading.
2) It is available in paperback, hardcover, kindle, and audio. Most libraries should have it.
3) The discussion date is September 1. That should give many of us time to find the book and read it. This means that comments about the book can be added to this thread ON OR AFTER September 1.
4) If you don't finish the book by that date, no problem. When you do finish it, even months from now, pull up this thread, read what others have said, and add your thoughts.
5) Anyone can read the comments anytime, but if you haven't finished it yet and intend to, be aware of the "spoiler" factor. Those who have finished the book may reveal plot details that you'd rather not know until you come to them.

Let's give it a try this way. Depending how it goes we could do another, modify the format, or drop the whole idea.

I ask that the only comments posted now are about the book club idea, but not about the chosen book. Save that until the discussion opens on Sept 1.


Sounds like a great idea JG........ I am an avid reader.. and having a discussion would be so good for my brain... and my spirit... will get this book soon.....looking forward to it.... thanks for starting something 'off topic'....
Sound an awesome idea! I will try to find the book and finish reading it by that date.
Are there any Cliff Notes for the book? :D
I just ordered a book from Amazon. I noticed they also had a guide for book clubs. I saw an analysis of the book on eBay. It is a very popular book to draw so much attention to it. I read the summary and can't wait to start reading. I haven't read any fiction in years.
I think this is a good idea. Reading is my primary way to relieve the stress of caregiving. I have The Goldfinch but haven't started reading it yet. Now I'm feeling motivated to start it. Thanks for starting this up!
Oh dear. I didn't realize this book might be a hard one to get! It is in paperback, but not in the US. Here it will be released in paperback in January. Our library has several copies and a waiting list of 142. Hmmm...

Amazon's price for a hardback is not terrible, but I did not mean to pick for our first book one that might be difficult for some of us to get.

I'm suggesting that we go ahead and leave the discussion start date for this as Sept 1, but then also expect a second wave as more people get a chance to acquire a copy. OK?

Meanwhile, I might start a second discussion of a book that isn't so elusive/expensive.
Who here told me about Donna Tartt? Hmmm.. Oh I think country mouse. She had read Goldfinch and suggested I do the same. But being anal sometimes I decide to read earlier books first to see the writer develop their skills. So, I read Secret History, it took me a couple of months to get through that one. So, I still have Goldfinch here waiting for me, it is quite a thick book and hopefully not as painful as Secret History was. Yes, I said painful.
hmmm ... sounds like Sept 1 might be an unrealistic discussion start date. Let's see what happens by that date, and re-set it if appropriate.

Glad did you see that I'm suggesting an addtional book? More people may be able to find that and actually finish it in the next several weeks.
Haven't seen your other thread Jeanne. But I just found goldfinch on YouTube as an audio book. I didn't know they did that. Now I can "read" and sleep.
Got my copy from Amazon Friday. I've read about 100 pages so far. It is extremely well-written and each section ending left me wondering what comes next. So even though it is very long, it moves along pretty quickly.

Whoever has finished it can start discussing it in a couple of weeks, but remember that you can jump in any time, even if you don't finish for months!

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