Obtaining MPOA for Aunt Edna.

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As you know edna is in nh and jealous PIA and her sidekick cuz terry are refusing to let edna and i out for our truck rides . pia is doing a horrible job where edna is concerned and its obvious to the entire staff . edna is not to my knowlege deemed incompetant and i believe she will give me mpoa in a minute . her hearing aid was misplaced at nh in the first week and no one is doing anything about getting it replaced although it would only cost 100 . 00 . ive bought her a used hearing aid from ebay and if it improves her hearing ability shed happily sign papers to give me mpoa . can someone tell me the legal route for doing this and / or what forms i might need . nh staff dont like family conflict but they are as annoyed as i am with pia and her foolishness . they would work with edna and i if we keep it legal . anyone in that gd nh can go out with family except for edna . its just unacceptable to me ..


pia cant afford to have edna deemed incompetant . that requires a judge . pia cant afford that .
Cap, the NH should have health care proxy forms, Edna can sign one and the nurses there can witness it. DPOA form are at any office supply store like Office Max or Office Depot.
ive been reading about it a bit pam . of course you get many conflicting answers on the web . some info even claimed attorneys avoid doing legal documents after dementia diagnosis . its obvious to staff that pia isnt a good choice for medical advocacy . top nurse in the place confided in me the other day that they had suggested the dementia wing for edna because its more homey and less external stimulation than general population offers . pia refused without even taking a tour of said wing . they all share ednas info with me readily and realize that im the one keeping a keen eye on her wellbeing and comfort . i have many allies in the nh but none of us want a s*itstorm with pia . edna told me only today , shyly and sadly that she just wished she could go with me to get her a pepsi . its fn heartbreaking .
i have a signed hipaa on file with family doc . maybe that would at least get me access to the family / staff meetings .
Make them aware of the form on file with the Doc and get the doc to fax them a copy, that is a Health Care Proxy aka MPOA.
ill get a copy of the form and present it to nh . i missed my opportunity a long time ago when i took edna to ER for pneumonia . doc asked then if edna wanted to appoint someone besides daughter and i let the chance slide . pia neglect of edna is documented back several years by aps . yea pam . the hipaa form is a first bold step . it should get me into the nh meetings .
Go for it Cap'n. And don't give up. Let PIA be the POA for financial, because that's who the IRS and Medicaid go after for the money. You just take care of your sidekick.
The hipaa form I've seen/used only allows the doctor to share information -- it does not allow the named people to make decisions. But it is a great first step. There are several different forms readily available for assigning a health care decision-maker. One is called "five wishes." I'd be surprised if the NH doesn't have some forms, or you could probably pick one up at a clinic or hospital. It is a very good step for you to take, Captain.
i agree jeanne . a great second step . my first steps have been advocating for edna to staff and in a very respectful manner and approaching it as a learning experience for myself . ( never questioning them ) .
and pam . giving up isnt in my vocabulary . giving a long term strategy time to unfold is my MO .
great . im in one of only 8 states that requires a statutory document to accompany the five wishes advance directive form .

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