I heard a conspiracy theory that greedy nursing homes are snatching elderlies with assets and doing conservatorships on them.

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Could this be true? I saw a girl on Facebook whose grandmother was snatched out of her own home by the police. Also, when they snatch the elderly, they block the relatives from visiting them in the nursing home. Could this be true in any part?


ive read a good bit about this possibility. in the stories on google , there are only one or two that seem to be legit. if you read the laws on senior conservatorship it all boils down to the elders self determination with the courts. wrong or right the elder is usually permitted to live their life as they wish. there are plenty of hospice and medical social workers who might desire to pull this off for kickbacks , spite or judgemental thinking but that doesnt mean a judge will let it slide. judges have to refer back to the laws in place. the family doc is your go to person for any decisions affecting his / her patient. not even a judge can sway a docs decision.
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I'm simply appalled at this. As the Captain says, for right or wrong elders who haven't been proven incompetent may be swayed by fast talkers into this kind of a scam. I haven't heard of anything like this happening in my area but we have the highest rate of non-profit nursing homes in the country and also some of best rated care homes. Not that bad things can't happen anywhere, but I'm grateful for what we have. The idea that this can happen literally makes me ill.
Someone just directed to me to this website: grannysnatching
Police don't just grab granny. There's a lot left untold somewhere.
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Interesting! I was thinking along the lines of the nursing home plot or a cult like group rather than family feuds, but I'll admit family feuds aren't terribly rare. Sometimes the motivation to "snatch" may be money and sometimes it's compassion, but sibling issues are a big problem in elder care so I can see where 'granny snatching' could be a bigger issue than most of us (including me) have thought. Thanks for sharing this.
If you read between the lines on grannysnatching, you will see that it is really about a battle over Guardianship when the elder person was deemed incompetent in court.
many of the granny snatching accounts i read on google seemed to have critical details amiss too. thats why i say only a couple seemed to have legitimacy.
hospice steadily hinted at a care home for my mother too but i felt it was just hateful , sexist rhetoric directed at myself , a male caregiver. mom wanted to be in her home with her son and her parrot..
Cook County (Chicago) probate court watchdog groups, podcasts, shows, and blogs are in abundance here, and leveling similar accusations as this one, and there seems to be more facts/links to multiple court cases to back up the claims. Here, the county has even begun pooling financial resources from elders that court appointed guardians make wards of the state, then all of the individual assets go into some murky unknown cash pool that supports/pays out who knows what… yes, I read all of that online about here, in Chicago, and it honestly seemed legit to me. And I'm not a conspiracy theorist - actually the opposite. So… looks really ugly in a couple of distinct locations, perhaps. If anyone here is interested to read for yourself, send me a message, I will give you the URLs of message boards I'm talking about.
Family disputes, whether in greed or sincere disagreements over what is best, are lamentable and happen far too often, to read the posts on this site. That is bad enough. But it is a far cry from some profit-making organization sending the police out to snatch vulnerable elders from their homes.

I see that many state lawmakers are addressing the issues of guardianship loopholes and risky practices. Good! But lets not rush to a conspiracy theory about government agencies if the primary problem lies within families.
corruption in chicaggy? what is this 1750 - 2014? there is a deterrant -- 56 acres of h*ll on earth / cooke county jail..

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