Nursing home not following doctor's advice.

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My husband had a j-tube but the nursing home's pump line would not fit into his j-tube so they switched to G, but kept the j settings, and only at night. The doctor came and saw the mistake and ordered 4 cans in the morning and 4 in the early evening at a 90 degree angle. A nurse reverted the doctor's order, going back to the j setting and at night. Today he had a swallow study which confirmed everything I have been saying and specifcally says 'fully alert for all PEG feedings and at a 90 degree angle". It doesn't say how much but it does say how. He is also level 2 GNCM "but may take some consistency with consistent maximal cues in therapy only. The administrator saw that and comented that since he wasn't in thereapy they didn't have to feed him anything. She ignored fully aware and at 90 degrees and tonight they will be feeding him at J-tube speed with him lying down. He is also not getting enough water and his lips and skin is peeling off. He looks like he has body dandruff. I have contacted every agency in my area to get some things changed there and only the Florida Medical Qualtiy responded with I spoke to Gay and they are doing everything they can for him. Today they called to say his Medicare days are coming to an end and I said but he has medicaid for nursing homes pending. They said but he walks just fine. Yes, and he wanders, he has vasular dementia and a feeding tube. The last thing I need, after all the hard work it took to get him in there, is for medicaid to send him home again after 23 days in a nursing home. Sandy in Central FL


I had a similar problem w a local nursing home. Contact your local ombudsman. I understand on the feeding tube position also. We posted a note to aides on moms wall, 90 degree angle at ALL times. It avoids choking hazards. Meet with the head nurse there if you havent already. I found much help with that visit. moms nurses swore that she was being walked around, but our family monitored her for first and sec shifts and never happened so no exercise. good luck. i gave up and brought my mom home again but i know many cannot do that. I do not think nursing homes or drs can force someone not to live in a nursing home. I have a brother who doesnt need to be in one, but his wife keeps him there anyway and medicaid pays.
TTTerri is absolutely right.

In the nursing home lobby should be contact information for the is required by law that is be posted.

You can think of the Ombudsman as being like your union rep. they will act on your behalf in a situation like this.
ombudsmen definitely!
I would probably throw the term malpractice out there as flat feeding can cause him to aspirate and develop pneumonia or worse
ombudsman will not act; they will bring in the state a union rep they cannot enforce, reprimand of make changes......the ombudsman here sends me directly to the state when there is a medical or procedural concern....

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