The nurse who hid her tears behind her beautiful smile.


The word caregiver-it says a lot, but then again some do the job for the money and not because they enjoy it. As a caregiver you must have a heart with love, care, respect and joy. You must enjoy your work 'coz caring for someone and making them feel better, safe and loving comes to blessings-blessings to us is our joy everyday.
My joy was taken away from me after I was a caregiver for nine years. I was called in for a disciplinary on the 22th of August 2014 for something that happened on the 10th of August. Staff that don't now me really, who work with me the first time find me as a problem and making them unhappy. "tearful-heartbreaking"
My disciplinary hearing will be on the 28-09-2014 at 8pm. Just because I refuse to help the staff!! Why???? I felt if I make you unhappy and I'm a problem to you then I must step back so you can be happy and have time to solve the problem at the same time. I know what the outcome will be and when I walk out there I never want to do nursing again. I can't work unhappy no teamwork and with no style of proper communication. I will do anything to be happy to enjoy my work but it's over-how can you find a problem with someone you don't even work with???? I say that if you have a problem with someone who is not, then go home and solve your own problem first and com back again.

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You see yourself as a good caring person and you probably are! Surely, one disciplinary issue does not have to mean the end of happiness and the end of your career. Either you got stressed and slipped up and will have to admit it, or it is a phony accusation and you will have a chance to make that clear. It sounds like you refused to do something, and maybe there was a good reason from your point of view, but not from the requesting person's point of view? Hard to tell from the post, but you are very upset which can be hard to sort things out and clarify.

Innocent people get accused of stuff all the time, in almost any profession...and every profession is practiced by people who are capable of making mistakes or being less than perfect.

What is the disciplinary meeting about, Happiness?

let me help you out here . unrealized by yourself , your caps lock is on and youre probably shouting at coworkers , management .

You need counseling, see your MD and get some meds and a counselor and work this out one day at a time. Maybe you are just burned out and need the time off to reset your inner sense of peace.

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