November National Family Caregiver Month.

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It official Nov is National Family Caregiver Month. AARP is running a contest this month and also doing a virtual caregiver fair for those who can't get to local ones so you can check out what is the latest for caregivers. You can check info at AARP. I also listed info for you on my page. Just wanted to pass along the info hope its helpful. Take care all. Oh and I heard a funny line last we " if I wake up and something isn't hurting, I must be dead" always love a good laugh.


Thanks for sharing this information. I'm not sure in the long run it helps the caregivers out in the trenches and doing the hard work, but I guess it's good that there is some attention.

I've given up on AARP accomplishing anything; it's become so bureaucratic, sends out so much junk mail, and can't even keep track of my membership. The Bulletin used to have some decent articles but I don't even read the magazine. Five minutes to skim through and it goes into the recycling pile.

I think you're east of us, but if you're interested, there's a small caregiving expo at the Waterford Senior Center on Nov. 17. It's one of the better municipal ones. I usually get a lot of free toothpaste and eye drops, sometimes some free scented soaps. Good stuff!
Oh, a caregiver month? What about the last eleven years?
Looking forward to limping around, finding a seat amongst the caregivers who if they got there, are in so much shock and isolation they can no longer say hello to strangers. Just there for the freebies.
Oh dear, how could I say that? How did I get so grouchy, so cynical?
And this was going to be such a positive thread, right? Just hating the time change, it's already dark at 5 p.m., and dark when I wake up.
So sorry, couldn't find my way over to the whine thread tonight. Maybe I should try a little pain meds for the broken ankle.
Garden, thanks for info, Waterford is close for me so maybe ill check out. I just thought those who could not get out would like to catch the virtual one
Sendme Im sorry your not feeling well, hope the ankle gets better.
BTW im not endorsing AARP, i agree they are not what they use to be, but anything that brings attention to our cause is good in my opinion.
No concern here on endorsing or not endorsing AARP. I was just ornery because yesterday I received the third dire warning that I would lose all their wonderful benefits if I didn't my membership, which I did 2 months ago.

I do like the thought of bringing more attention to the caregiving cause, and I think there might be some grass roots methods of doing so. Interesting suggestion on publicizing our cause.
I thought i was the only one AARP harassed about dues. Now i know im not alone. : )
AARP is for active seniors, which is why their magazine is filled with ads for trips and travel discounts. They're a lobbying group. Ugh...because the things we really need addressed like sweetheart/elder scams/aging/dying with dignity have been going on for years and have gotten worse, not better. AARP is running the contest to increase the size of their mailing list. On a separate note a catalog and website that I've found helpful is Golden Violin.

Garden Artist - I'd love to bring some real attention to caregiving. Perhaps if AARP got bombarded by letters from caregivers they'd make it a priority.

Even in my family those who aren't caregivers are happily oblivious to it all. AARP has done a great job making people think that aging is all about golf, visits from the grandkids, and driving around in a convertible with the top down.
DIL, you summed up AARP pretty well - it presents an illusion of the wonder of being retired, all the great things people can do, of course while in great physical condition...with an occasional article on how elders are scammed or financially and/or physically compromised and left to suffer.

Actually, the only reason I kept my membership is because I get a discount on my homeowners policy. Otherwise, I wouldn't waste the money.

I like the idea of bombarding (and then boycotting!) AARP unless it opens up to some of the serious issues of caregiving! Great idea!

I've found though that even people who are peripherally involved really do not understand the day-to-day intricacies. Doctors still advise doing something on a daily or twice daily basis, not really comprehending that not every caregiver is living with his/her elder, and some if not many live far enough away that daily visits aren't realistic.

Just googled Golden Violin; what I found is Gold Violin, a shop that caters to older folks. I think I'll order the catalogue; maybe it has something that we could use. It's really not all that easy to find assistive devices that are reasonably priced and not paid for by Medicare.

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