Has anyone noticed how society has changed?

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Remembering clearly my earlier years when the entry door to Our home was never locked, never not even if We the Family were away for a long few days since the door was left closed shut. I can recall how caring We all were towards each other, and if one Neighbour needed help saving hay, or picking potatoes whatever it was We all came to help and never looked for money, since it was the done thing. People had away more nature then too, and had pure innocent minds since no one had a television, and We made Our own entertainment. We played rings on the ring board hanging on the kitchen wall, snakes and ladders, Ludo, draughts, then We progressed to chess, and cards..snap was a great favourite. The Girls used to skip with a skipping rope..I have not seen any Child skip in years. When We had the long fine evenings We played Gaelic Football, and hurling and since We My Brothers and I lived on a dairy farm We often rolled a barrel up to the top of a very hilly field, crawl inside before the barrel took off gaining speed, and We got the greatest fun from the simplest things. All of Us had Our chores to do as well since many hands got the work done sooner. I remember the Telegram Boy often calling to Our home with news from far away. The Telegram Boy was dressed similar to today's Post Men, with a suit and belt plus His bicycle. We were so happy and content. Neighbours called to Our home at night to visit, and I can recall vividly No One would ever utter a bad word about another. If People didn't have some thing good to say, They said nothing at all. Oh Lord how times have changed. How so many love to yap about others affairs, and stick their nose into every Ones business. It often makes Me Laugh when I think these are the People Who can rectify every Ones Lives except their own. It still bewilders Me how a rumour can start, without an ounce of truth, and by the time it has travelled three miles it has grown many legs, and tails too. My conclusion is there is a nastiness in Society, a kind of envy or jealousy that never existed before. Now every home has to have a Burgular Alarm, cameras, many have motorised gates, Security is very essential now. Indeed many People keep a loaded shot gun near by at night. AND WE NEVER KNEEDED TO LOCK OUR DOORS THEN. How Blessed I do feel to have lived in a beautiful time, yes In the time of Our Youth when Children felt safe, and there was a kindness and a goodness in People. We could not have known it then, but this time would be the best time of Our Lives. While very few had money in abundance, the philosophy was if You can't afford what You'd want, learn to make do till You can afford it. Borrowing money was a non runner since it was considered bad mathematics to borrow X from a Bank and agree to repay three times that amount, hence Our Parents Generation never brought trouble upon Themselves, and They were so content. There was no grandeur either, since keeping up with the Jones's was never heard of then. Most of all People felt safe in Their beds. People worked extremly hard and there was no tatsby in those times, but with My hand on My Heart I have not seen times nearly remotely as happy as then. There was no narcotics as drugs weren't even heard of. Children could walk the roads safely, and most of all People respected and loved one another. IF THERE WAS A TIME MASHINE THAT WOULD TAKE US BACH TO A TIME OF MY CHOOSING, I WOULD GLADLY TRAVEL BACK WITHOUT A MOMENTS HESITATION, TO THEN. ...........QUESTION IS WOULD YOU, ?


NO I would not. It looks simpler in the rear view mirror. We grew up with the very real chance of nuclear annihilation in 1960. Cancer was a death sentence then (my mother). Health insurance was unheard of; my mother's cancer bankrupted my father. Disabled children (my sister) were not taught in public schools, just sent home. There were no vaccines for chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella and many others. Hindsight tends to sugarcoat things. Maybe because we were young, we did not realize what our parents had to deal with.
A wood fired cook stove instead of central gas heating, the outhouse in winter, children dying of common childhood diseases like scarlet fever or pneumonia, and cancer a horrible, pain filled death sentence... no thanks.
John, I know what you mean regarding society. Here in the States I grew up in a medium size city back in the 1950's. People had front porches where during the day they would be sitting out front, we would stop to chat. My parents only locked the doors at night. The meter reader would knock on the basement door, shout METER MAN, and read the meters in the basement.

I remember getting on my bicycle and riding all over town. Just had to be home when the street lights came on. The whole family watched TV together because those who had TV's usually had one TV set. Same with the telephone, one phone in the house.

Within the family core life seemed simpler per say. We didn't have 24 hour news. The news on TV was a half hour local, half hour world news. I know I spend way too much time watching the 24-hour news stations.

We did a lot of walking. Only one car in the driveway, and Dad had the car to drive to work. In the past Mom use to walk to the corner grocery store. I remember how much fun it was to ride the public bus, which stopped at our corner, with Mom and I going downtown to shop.

I walked to school the whole 12 years. My high school walk was interesting as I walked through blocks and blocks of commercial store fronts, movie theater, bowling alleys, ice cream parlors, etc.
I have some pleasant memories, though, there are things that I don't relish today.

I used to love to skip. Sometimes, I would be so happy with my day, my friends, my dog, my bike, my records, etc. that I thought I would burst with joy! I recall just skipping as fast as I could with a big smile on my face or riding my bike in the neighborhood singing to the top of my lungs (song: Lady Willpower. I had no idea what the words meant. lol).

I do love those memories. I don't have that much joy these days. lol Unless, I'm at a Robert Plant concert.
many years ago i pulled my motorcycle off the road at a little pulloff to sip on my half pint . i found a discarded box of " legal precedent " lawbooks . i read thru a few of them and found that they were filled with not only criminal court cases from the 50 ' and 60 ' s but these cases were all in or near my county . trust me , murder , rape and child molestation have always been with us .
i live in a very rural place but we still have violent crime .
i get your drift johnjoe but nah , i dont think we were safer in the 60's , i think we were just being haphazard and naieve . ( sp )
my own 28 yr old son was shot and killed a few weeks ago . i found out today that he had a 8 day old son when he was killed . ill hook up with little nick , the grandkid , and life with all of its frightening implications will go on .
there aint no guarantees man .. the encouraging difference today is , that law enforcement is getting to be state of the art . aint nobody getting by with sht .. thats a good thing ..
Looking back I also remember the world as safer and more family friendly. But I also think that now we hear about so much more crime thanks to the 24 7 news from all over the world.. indeed it used to be mainly the local news.. and newsreels at the movies. Plus true small towns have become closer to larger towns (too many people..). But I have to say I remember people used to talk about each other in the small town I grew up in,, everyone knew everyones business!
In my town in the 50s there was crime. I was bullied at school. My uncle was bullied at school in the 40s and my dad was bullied at school in the 30s. In some ways things are better, in some ways worse. I double lock my doors now even in the daytime.
I think it's easy to become nostalgic and look very favorably on times gone by. There's a mixture of truth and longing which creates these favorable memories, some of which tend to leave out the negative aspects as mentioned above.

JohnJoe, I take it you grew up on a farm, so your lifestyle would probably have been more demanding of hard work but less of the nastiness that sometimes exists in or near cities.

Remember too as Pam Stegman points out that during the Cold War there were high levels of concern for nuclear attack. We used to have drills for that in school. And it was scary, very, very scary.

There were good times, especially before television became such a dominant force in people's lives.

I would not conclude that all the technological advances have been for the better. People texting and communicating via devices as opposed to in person lessens, I think, the ability to learn give and take and how to work with others of different dispositions and background.

Today I saw a husband and wife sitting next to each other, both playing with their smart phones, then both engaging in conversations. I thought some what amusingly that perhaps they were talking to each other by phone, instead of just turning to the other and having a real face to face conversation. The spread of communication by technology might even come to that.

Laughingly, and somewhat disparagingly, I thought of a family dinner when each member communicated with the others by texting. Can you imagine a son or daughter texting his parent to pass the potatoes? It wouldn't surprise me if some families don't even have conversations any more.
Things are different. The population size has increased dramatically. Communities are a thing of the past, because people move so often. People buy houses to flip, instead of to become a home. Money is the king to most people I know. The news makes us feel like there is a Freddie Krueger around each corner. Chances are great we could still leave our doors unlocked, but we don't feel safe now. It's the psychology of the time to be afraid of others.
Thanks for the nostalgic story, Johnboy.

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