I'm not cut out to be a caregiver. Never wanted to be in the first place.


please dont say go o a doc, thats part of the problem..cant afford it. mental health in my area you have to be court ordered and i dont want to go to jail just to see a doc.
i hate living here...hate it...im not cut out to be a caregiver. never wanted to in the first place.dad dont care two cents about me, thats fine. no friends that sucks.overweight cant find a date.
miserable..sorry didnt know where else to go

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Hi sebring, sounds like yu may be in a difficult position. You are not alone. Lots of cargivers never wanted this. It helps to talk about it we are glad you found us. Tell us a little more about your situation.

You need to get out from under the stress of this job you did not train for, apply for, or feel good at. You may owe it to your father to see that he is well cared for, but you don't need to do it yourself. I'll bet the stress and your ability to manage your own life (including weight) would greatly improve if you could just visit your father as a loving daughter instead of seeing to his day-to-day care.

I'll bet there is no money for a Memory Care placement, right? Well LOTS of elderly folks are in that situation. There are programs such as Medicaid to help out. I think that you need to get Social Services involved in guiding you through the process of seeing that Dad gets good care.

Good luck.

Well, my goodness. This is a dilema. Not everyone IS cut out to be a caregiver. It's a demanding, often thankless job. I believe your unhappiness is probably contributing to your weight, too. I do a lot of weight loss counseling... What are the options? Looks like you're caring for your dad, is that right? Who else is involved? What resources do you have?