Why are there no regulations in the medical section of the Rules and regulations of professions and occupations in the Florida laws?

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Also, there are no specific requirements for education, training, testing, examinations, certification, and licensing for health professionals and workers caring for persons suffering of AD, like for other health care practices? Such as HIV, PAIN, THERAPIES [physical, occupational, speech, cognitive, musical ....] etc. The press has reported on front page articles the most abominable abuse, including murder, perpetrated on AD patients in Medicare/Medicaid programs by professional home health carers employed by home health care agencies under contract with government agencies to provide direct contact care services to AD patients in medicare/medicaid programs. This aberrant abuse and lack of lack of protective regulations are blatant violations of the elderly victims civil rights, protection from discrimination, and the AWDA requirements. Several reports from studies performed by top institutions and laboratories, like John Hopkins University School of Medicine and by insurers, have estimated that care of AD patients by properly trained physicians and nurses would lower the net cost of care by nearly 50% in medicament, trips to the ERs, hospitalization, etc besides improving the quality of life of the patients, family members, and caregivers. Note that projected cost of AD care, as is now practiced with incompetent carers, to the nation is in the $ trillions. Why regulations for the care of AD are not existing?


Medical professions and others are regulated by Business and Professional Regulation, an Administration Law arm of the State Government. Once investigated violations, of Admin. Laws and/or Civil laws are addressed and the case proceeds as required.
In the care practice of AD there are no violations because there are no rules to violate
other than criminal laws such as murder and medicare/medicaid fraud. A government task force comprised of detectives from the Department of Health OIG, Miami FBI special agents and detectives from the Office of the Attorney General has obtained convictions for fraud to medicare/medicaid for thousands of physicians, nurses, home help aids, owners and administrators of facilities and home help agencies and have recovered thousands of millions of fraud dollars, closed facilities. There are no rules applying to health professionals and workers caring for AD patients. No requirements for AD care education, training, examination, tests, certification and licensing. As a result, the home health agencies contract the cheapest, under educated most incompetent health professionals and workers for the personal care of the AD patients with the consequent abuse of their persons for ignorance in the best of cases and with criminal intent [as reported in the press and media] in the worst of cases, at a tremendous cost to the nation. Such cost can be halved with properly licensed personnel from top to bottom. Sources for rule writing can be found at the Mayo Clinic, the Jones Hopkins University School of Medicine, the Alzheimer Association, and many other distinguished institutions and scientific laboratories.
Your questions can only be addressed by your state government or the Dept. of Bus. & Prof. Regulation. I suggest you telephone, or write them, their address and 800 phone number is in your local phone book.
laws and regulations are enacted by the legislatures in response to petitions made by licensed professionals.. In this case the petition must come from members of the boards of medicine and nursing. experienced on the care of AD patients, or from advocacy groups, or from government agencies, or from caregivers support organisations, or all of the above. Regulation of the practice of caring for AD persons is, by far, the most effective patient and caregiver support. Why the health professionals and the advocacy groups have not petition the legislature to regulate the care of AD and end the waste of Medicare/Medicaid funds and the brutal abuse being perpetrated on the most helpless members of our society by the home health care agencies and health facilities owners?

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