No question--I just need to vent---or I will ruin Christmas for everyone.

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We got a semi-frantic call from our daughter yesterday about a friend of hers who is in the process of adopting a rescue puppy--the girl works in the vet's office where the puppy has been, being txed for Parvo virus. She needed somewhere for the puppy to stay for 4 days while she moves out of her mother's home. (Her Mom said, "no dogs in this house!") So the girl is searching for an apartment during the holidays. Now, I like dogs. We have OWNED 3 of them, over 39 years, but are currently w/o one as I am sick to death of the work involved with owning one. DH LOVES dogs, but did zero work at the "messy end" the pee, poop, sick visits to the vet, the final agonizing days as we lost our beloved Border Collie to cancer--he was MIA for all but the long, fun hikes and throwing a tennis ball. So, I am done with having a dog. And while I felt really bad for this girl, I was not feeling like we should house a dog we don't know, who doesn't know us, and whose owner had no idea of the puppy was even housebroken yet. I said no, but deferred to DH on ONE condition: he had to do EVERYTHING for this puppy. I have 20 people coming to dinner today. I shopped, wrapped and sent the gifts to our out of staters. I got gifts for his MOTHER who absolutely hates me and he took all the credit for "choosing" said thoughtful gifts. I do 99% of everything to ready us for the holidays---he ran to Walgreens last night to get me something, as per usual. This is normal, so I'm not upset about THAT. My own mother is very ill and I have been running up to check on her on a daily basis for the last week. She is so feeble and still very sick with some kind of GI problem--I begged her to let me take her to the ER last Sat and she cried and cried and said she would suffer anything but being in the hospital on Christmas---so I'm worried about her. After my family leaves this afternoon, I will have to go see mother and check on her again. So--my plate is VERY full. DH said "I really want to do this!" so he called the girl, who of course is ecstatic--and she's here an hour later with a rambunctious, NOT HOUSEBROKEN IN THE LEAST, puppy who is chewing everything in sight and has peed & pooped all over the house. DH was supposed to put her in her crate last night, but she whined, so he slept on the couch with her "by his side" (how sweet, huh?) and she wandered all night long and peed all over the basement, the family room--the ONLY place we have carpet. I got up this am and found hubby sound asleep on the couch, honking away, and the dog just chewing up some random paper she'd found. Hubby wakes up---just as I step into a very large, wet spot. I didn't say anything, grabbed some cleaner and paper towels (no the girl didn't leave us any "potty pads"!! and began to clean the spot. Only to find 3 more wet spots on the way to the garbage. Luckily she hasn't pooped yet--but it's only 9 am--day's young. (oh, and BTW? Dogs with Parvo have diarrhea. Delightful) Dh SAID he got up with her and let her out several times, but she doesn't have a clue what to do outside and it's below freezing here. He thinks he's some kind of amazing dog whisper or something, He said "I let her out, I told her to go potty". Needles to say, my house REEKS, I don't have time to clean the carpet (and it would ALL be wet then..before the family comes. I am FURIOUS with my hubby for not crating the puppy for the night---I don't even KNOW how many spots she hit. No responses needed, but I have to calm down before the troops arrive. DH knows I do NOT like Christmas, I get so overwhelmed and anxious, and all he says (as he is now soaking in a hot tub is "geez, take a Klonipin, would ya? Calm down!) I have indeed taken 2 Klonipin and I am artificially calm. I'm INSISTING the puppy be crated for the family party. I am also INSISTING he crate her the night or keep her in his bedroom with the door shut. Dh has been begging for us to get another dog---and this is tilting the scales towards "I do not think so!!" In the puppy's defense, she is cute as can be, it's not her fault. I am placing the blame square on DH who admitted that the owner told him the puppy wasn't housebroken very well--but he really, really wanted to house her. Well, I get new carpet next week. I guess his bonus will be well spent. Thanks for listening, if you did. Someday there will be humor in this, just, not today and not for a while. Merry Christmas to all!!


you have a good heart
WTF Midkid, why were YOU scrubbing the carpet, I would have dumped the paper towels and cleaners on DH and told him in no uncertain terms to get busy.
I'd worry about my mom and not the dogs.
Dear Midkid58,

I really sympathize and empathize with you. I'm totally with you and I think I would be out of mind as well if I woke up to dog pee everywhere. Sending you love and hugs. You are a good woman to do as much as you do for everyone in your life including this puppy. I hope the day gets better.
(((((((hugs)))))) midkid. You did well, but I agree with cwillie. Don't clean up another spot!!!! I am sorry you have such burdens this Christmas. I hope you mum gets the help she needs.
Midkid if hubby thought that having a cute puppy in the house would change your mind about another dog he was sadly mistaken.
One puppy was enough for us after that we got adult dogs.
First thing I would have done is wipe some pee on a paper towel shove it in his hand and say "Now it's your turn"
Soaking in a hot tub is he? March in pull out the plug and turn on the cold water or better yet dump a bucket of cold water on him.
Take a Klonapin my hat, go to your room with a large brandy and let him do the entertaining puppy and all.
Next year book a nice cruise for one or two if he behaves himself.
Hope the dinner didn't burn before family got there to take care of it.
Happy Christmas.
Back to the top; the girl works at a vet's office and didn't simply board the dog at the vet?

One of my rescue dogs caught Parvo before he was adequately vaccinated. Spent several days on IV at the vet. Had cognitive damage; was never housebroken.
You’re a much kinder and more patient person than I am...I would not be able to be gracious to the guests because I’d be so angry. Don’t let DH keep that dog! That’s all you need! God bless you. Happy Christmas is over evening. I’m so relieved.
Thanks all----

SO GLAD I came here to vent before the family arrived. SO GLAD I was nicely anesthetized too :)

I'm not particularly kind hearted-- the family knew this was all on their dad, it was NOT my idea to board the dog....and she is actually doing much better--no accidents in the house today as I was on top of not just letting her out, but telling her constantly to "go potty" and the effusively praising her when she did. Got the grands involved and anyone of them were able to get her to potty got $1. It's A Christmas we'll remember.

Dh feels terrible--both due to severe allergies he has to dogs ( go figure) the fact he refused to take any antihistamines and eye drops until he was flat out miserable---and although I did not complain (no point) he knew that I was bent out of shape, with just cause. The 3 daughters were all so mad at him for putting this on me---he really just doesn't think.

Day was fine, noisy and crazy as always, our house is tiny and we have a big family. They're all gone home now, I am going to bed. Dog is sleeping in DH's bedroom and if she pees in there, well, it's all hardwood and it won't hurt the floor. Hubby says he'll get up to take her out, he might, but I won't hold my breath.

Tomorrow he is 100% in charge of her, and though he normally takes vacay days and sleeps literally all day long, he will not get that option for the next couple of days. I DID NOT say I would help with the dog, I have done more than I said I would and yes, my mother needs me more than the dog does.

((Sigh)) well, at least out of this I am getting new carpet in the basement, which we really did need and now he is saying "oh, I think we really need to replace that old carpet..." he feels bad, and I'm not rubbing it in.

But it DID for once and for all settle the dispute about getting another dog. No and no.
He's in his room, wheezing and coughing, but he refuses to put the dog in the crate her owner brought. His call.

Thanks for the comments. And the support. I really think if I hadn't posted, I might have lost my mind this morning. I needed to put this out in the universe----!
Ugh--more ranting.

What a night. DH puts puppy in his room (directly above mine) and proceeds to fall asleep at 6 pm last night. I am in my room, watching "It's a Wonderful Life" and I can hear the dog scrabbling about on the floor through the whole movie. Finally, at 9:00, I go see what she's up to and find she has eaten most of a bamboo back scratcher. Ugh Had to pull the stuff from between those sharp puppy teeth!
I take her out to potty, then decide to put her in her crate (she will be crate trained and this is NOT uncommon or awful) and before I can even entice her into the crate, she pees on the carpet. I dragged her into the crate, tossed in a couple toys and turned on the TV with no sound for companionship. Cleaned up the mess and went back to bed.
She cries for 2 hours. Barks and whines. (She's a puppy, so I am not going to get mean with her!) Even with earplugs--I can hear her.
About 11, I get up, take her back out to potty, and put her back in the crate. Came upstairs for a sleeping pill (well, another Klonipin, to be honest)....DH wakes up, panicked "where's the dog??" I tell him and say " just get up in a few hours and let her out if you want, but please make her stay in the crate".
I CANNOT sleep. 2:30, still awake. Angry and tired and the dog is intermittently crying and barking. Up again! Now hubby has gotten up, come downstairs and is trying to sleep on the sofa and make the dog lay down next to him on the floor. I blow up--as much as I can, being so tired. Put the dog back in the crate, back to bed. Now DH is snoring so loudly, I can't sleep. ( His allergies are so bad....) Up again at 4:30, dog is asleep in the crate, hubby has his headphones on and I just leave them be. Obviously pup has peed several more places..there's wads of paper towels on the floor, like they will magically soak up the pee...I don't clean those up--at this point..why??

At 5 am I finally drift off as I hear my neighbor fire up his car to go to work. At 8 I get up, having had maybe 3 hours of sleep. I'm so grouchy and mad.

Now it's 10:15. Puppy and DH are sleeping sweetly. I have a raging migraine and I woke up crying--never a good sign.

I am spending the day AWAY from here. I have some errands to run, one of which is to retrieve my carpet cleaner....just clean the carpet for the interim before I choose new. Sadly, now, I will also have to replace the pad, too.

NOT a happy camper here today. But better I tell all of you than blow up at a man who will not and cannot listen to me and honestly? doesn't CARE.

If this owner doesn't retrieve her dog tomorrow night, as promised, I am checking into a hotel. I have got to get some sleep, and as long as I know the dog is awake and loose, I know she's piddling in the house. I feel like I am on a sinking ship.

Thanks for listening. It will all be OK, but sheesh, what a mess.

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