No one to care for me.


This is a follow-on question that many of us have asked. Such as "Who will take care of Me?" "Do you want your Children to take care of You"? etc. While we all do talk about it, we have few resources to turn to. Recently there was a Congressional commission set up to identify problems and resources for long term care. You can search Federal Commission for Long Term Care, Section 643 of the American Tax Relief Act of 2012. Now closed to public comment, but worth keeping an eye on as recommendations from this study are likely to get a lot of attention and incorporated into many facets of related issues.

One of the biggest issues is housing, the idea of living in a old folks warehouse facility is just unappealing to most of us while we recognize that age will take it's toll on our bodies and minds, many do not want to end up on one of these facilities.

Co-housing is an idea that is gaining some momentum, however, most of current programs are very costly to buy-in. Unrealistic for the average person with limited income but the idea is that members assist one another and share costs. A form of co-housing might be an option for the broad population if it can be made to be affordable. If designed properly, it could be the one-stop for an aging population without the means to participate in one of the more expensive options. It could even be a non-profit organization. But it needs real world ideas. So, if you are interested and have ideas, please suggest them. Begin your post with a category such as: Administration, Management, Financial, Activities, Housing Design, Member Cost, Stages of Care, Meeting Caregiving needs, etc.

We need creative ideas that break new ground. We have the one of the best views of the real needs of the elderly, we'll be there ourselves and we should have options.


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All of these ideas are awesome! My wish is more a fantasy...I wish there was a place where entire families could move into with their elderly parents, where many families lived together and shared the work, and watched over the elderly and cared for them in short shifts, and everyone got time off. The place would be modern, with all the amenities that people have already mentioned and fireplaces, a 'common' room where people could socialize, play games, there would be cooks and good food for all...ah, I'm off in la la land again... ha ha Maybe I just miss the idea of the old days, when families weren't so scattered and busy, and people weren't so alone in care giving... I'd go for it myself, really...

K-t1 exactly, our generation has been one of the most innovative ever. There wouldn't be any iPad, iPods, Flat Screens, Internet if we had not forged the way. Let's not let the government dictate how we must live in our old age! Forward ho!!

Activities a gym designed for elderly, easy to get on and off seats on weight machines, tai chai classes for balance, a garden plots with plenty of sun, full stocked library, a kid on call to handle technology isssues, don't worry about us, baby boomers, lol we are very capable of taking care of themselves, and geting things done.

Carol, thank you for the encouragement, this topic has been on my mind for quite a while since I'm already 60 and have been caring for my Mom for many years. No children or relatives to care for me in my old age (should I live that long). But having lived with my Mom under my care (housing and provision and now assisted living) for many years. Have watched the aging process up close and personal. We need better options. So I'll start with some of my ideas:

Housing: Since we expect either to be alone or perhaps as a couple, without unlimited funds, we need a place that is affordable, easy to maintain on the inside, accessible, pleasant to live in, privacy, secure, with emergency help nearby. We need social interaction, accessible activities, and responsibility.

Housing: Small cottages arranged in a close community configuration with access to common facilities such as dining hall, lounge, emergency shelter and or incorporated with a large Bed and Breakfast style facility that where studio type apartments are available.

Housing: Lower Occupancy for easier management and more dynamic personal relationships.

Management: What kind of rules for occupants? For families or guardians?

Administration: Live-in Administrators for oversight.

Governance: A board made up of occupants, elected by occupants.

Management: Outsource services such as meal preparation, grounds maintenance, etc. or live-in providers with housing provided.

Just to get the ball rolling. From all of the hundreds of posts I've read this is one of the most qualified group of folks to forge new ground, we have to do it every day.

Thanks again.

You are right that new ideas are needed. The millions of boomers moving into the "aging" category will need help but many won't want or need nursing home care until late in their illnesses. Thanks for posting this question. We'll see what ideas come this way.

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