I called IHSS application line and was informed that they will send application form to my home but no application was sent.

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I applied via phone as a new applicant for my son. They called me and informed me that the will send application but nothing was sent as well as no cooperation from any help line. they keep giving me phone numbers with very rude workers who put you on hold for hours. I have no idea how to apply for my son sinc ethey keep asking to call application number and leave information there. I just wanted to apply and the ihss people are giving me a very rough time. So tired of their rude and carefree behavior.


If you are in California, as I assume, and you applied via your county social services, call your county legislator and ask for help. That will get things moving.
no I called line number (925)363-3677. I was told by my Regional case manager to get medi-cal and then apply for ihss on this number. Yes I m in california
First Medi-Cal, then IHSS.
What I don't understand is a procees that is supposedly designed to help requires the needy or disabled person to navigate a system that one would have to be an expert in law and social work to just apply.
Your regional case manager should help you, not just give you numbers.
A social worker should come to your home.
Your case manager (county social services) should be coming to your home to do the assessment and fill out the forms. Yes you need to be on Medi-Cal first. The number you called is just a referral service after you are on Medi-Cal.
What benefits or services does your son have now, is he an adult or child?
Is he already on SSI?
Or do you know?
Is he receiving a monthly income from the government yet?

You have a regional case manager.
That may not be the same as a social worker/case manager for SSI or welfare recipients.
Do you know?
Are you applying for straight Medi-Cal?

How did you obtain the Regional Case worker?

What services/benefits does your son have?

Call 211, ask for the MediCal office.
Have a friend call for you to sort this out. While you are there, available, near the phone/speaker phone.
Is ths IHSS for you, and your son will be the in-home worker?
If so, are you a senior?

Is the IHSS for your son?
Does he live with you, or alone?
As a senior, have you called or been to the nearest senior center with a supportive services department? Go there.

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