No bowel movement without laxative.......a nightmare!

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As if it's not enough to be bombarded with all the craziness of being a caregiver......let's add to it another nightmare........the big 'C'.......constipation! Please don't mention that my mother is not getting enough roughage. I could feed her a sack of pine cones and it would not make her go. No food exists that would make her have a natural bowel movement and she does not have the patience to give to give it a try. The only way she goes is using a laxative. She absolutely cannot go without it. I know it's bad to use the all the time, but her body has got to the point where that is the only way. This may sound mild to all of you who do not have to endure this. Just imagine being a caregiver to a elderly constipated person. It's torture! But, as soon as they have their bowel's pure heaven.......they are pacified for a few days, until it all starts over again. Constipation is just another 'curse' that the elderly and their caregivers have to endure. I literally celebrate in my mind when my mother has a bowel movement because I know the days in between are pure hell. Don't mention to me about giving her does not work on her. Besides, even if it would eventually work, she is too impatient to let is work. If she does not have a 'blast' soon after taking her laxative pills....the she freaks out. I would like to her from others in my same situation......a situation where NOTHING works to produce a bowel movement until a laxative is given. For any of you who have not gone through this (about constipation) then you should feel blessed. Some of you might think it's a minor problem......well, it's not a minor problem. In my case it's a nightmare. When my mother takes the laxatives.......that is what I call 's*** day'......that whole day is a stay at home my mother can make her many trips to the bathroom. I just love my role as caregiver......the nightmare continues.


im sure that ive mentioned softened chia seeds to you before. you might try some SOFTENED CHIA SEEDS.
.......Eye Roll......
MOM---milk of magnesia or Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc in pill form at bedtime. Sugar free chocolates have mannitol, that works. Sugar free maple syrup has sucralose, that works. If I have a nice stack of pancakes and drench them, one hour later it works like a colon prep, stay outta my way to the loo!!
milk of magnesia.......never! not for my mother.....i have tried that before and it was like a chocolate fountain overflowing all day long......never. pancakes.....they don't i mother could eat pine cones and nothing would happened. he system is so 'out of whack'.......2 or 3 laxative pills are the only thing that works. so......tomorrow when all of you folks lead your normal lives......think of me and my 's*** day'.......i'll be home again like a prisoner.......waiting for my mother to clean herself out with multiple trips to the 'throne'.......i love my life!
It's not the pancakes that do it, it's the sugar free maple syrup that cleans you out.
Roscoe, I feel your pain. My mom won't even respond to laxatives anymore. We've had two trips to the ER in the past three weeks for fecal impaction. Last week it took two enemas and the doc manually digging the hard stools out. My mom was screaming in pain. We followed up with her internist and he basically said she is too frail for a colonoscopy and at her weight (85 lbs.) she is too frail for surgery even if they find cancer. He said to add fiber. LOL!, NOT! That doesn't do diddly squat, and you know what I mean.

Hang in there on poop day tomorrow. I'm sure the next ER visit is a few days off for me and mom again which is six to seven hours long. My prediction is Thanksgiving Day knowing these cycles. *sigh*

Just hate feeling so helpless and a slave to their colon!
Dates. The fruit, I mean. My mother has three with her breakfast, and nowadays all the stoppers and starters are gathering dust on her bathroom shelf. If your mother happens to like dates in principle anyway? - it can't hurt to try.

But I really feel for you, constipation is just not funny. It wasn't until my great aunt got a hairline fracture at the front of her pelvis - for which she was given codeine, so you can imagine how that went - that I had it explained to me that this joint, the symphisis pubis, is pretty unstable at the best of times; so all the straining and distension can cause real agony. And that's on top of the generally feeling unwell, colic, backache and so on. Complete misery. I sympathise with you both.

Um, if this isn't getting much much too personal, whereabouts is she getting "stuck" do you think, if I can put it like that? I ask because the other thing that might be worth a try is the kind of pump-priming enema, no more trouble to the giver or the receiver than say a suppository would be, which might start her off gently but quickly? Doesn't go through her whole gut, and not like the ten gallon things they used to use in obstetrics in the bad old days. Consult your pharmacist, I think you can buy them over the counter.

The French take Vichy water. I hope it works for them. I drank it once in all innocence - the "water" bit on the label had me fooled - and wouldn't do it again even if I hadn't been for a month.
My mom had the same problem.. Finally hospice nurse suggested Mirilax an hour before breakfast every single day... Worked like a charm
Live yoghurt is good for general gut health, I forgot to say. If her gut's fed up with being purged and therefore feeling a bit defeated and sorry for itself, a daily yoghurt might perk it up a bit. I know its lack of fibre makes it sound counter-intuitive but honest it won't bung her up.

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