News on Australian Alzheimer's research.

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A friend just shared with me on Facebook and article from science alert. The article is titled new Alzheimer's treatments fully recover memory function. Sounds like just the beginning but hopefully it is promising news.


I went searching and found a study published in 2015 using ultrasound to break up plaques in mice. There were also lots of other exciting breakthroughs that popped up too. Forgive me for being sceptical, I can recall sharing wonderful news about the imminent cure of type 1 diabetes with my sister-in-law 30 years ago...
Ultrasound has already been linked to brain damage in delicate fetal brains. Increases in autism are linked to first trimester ultrasound. So how do I know Grandma's delicate brain won't be damaged?
It's just hard to go on year after year when the medicines they have do so little. I just got my husband's neurologist to agree to upping his dose of Aricept as an experiment. He;s nearing the edge of the abyss, and I want to try SOMETHING to postpone that evil day. boo hoo.

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