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Hello everyone, my name is Patrick F.

I understand some of the stress and difficult times many of you on the forms are going through. My own family had gone through a very challenging experience with home care. Our core values are based on what I wanted when it was my family receiving care.

I want to be a resource to help answer some of the tough questions that come up as some of you move through this process. I'll chime in on these boards but wanted to introduce myself here.

So, hello! : )



Uh oh bad boy trying to advertise.
What you see is what you get with me! I'm planning on sticking around, and if there is any help or advice I can offer from what I've learned moving through the process in my own family, or through starting a company to care for others, I would be happy to assist. "You don't know, what you don't know" rings so true especially when folks have an event in the family where care is suddenly needed. A lot of folks helped me out along the way and if I can pay it forward with good information it's the least I can do. Nice to meet you!
I think you can add a perspective here that we don't always get. It is good to have at-home family caregivers, and professional caregivers, and accountants, and doctors, and physical therapists and anyone else who is involved in the care of seniors. Welcome.
Thanks for the welcoming Jeanne.
You need to have a thick skin here. Just remember, if you don't like it, just skip the comments. Pick and choose the ones you think applies. If you remain neutral with no pushing for your products/paid services, then no one can kick you out. If admin tries, you can ask them to show proof that you violated the rules of this site - about advertising.

With that said, Welcome to AC (agingcare).
Thanks bookluvr, I appreciate it. I figured it would be good to introduce myself alongside my credentials and background to give a bit of perspective to where I'm coming from. Mine is such a localized business anyway that it would be a great coincidence anyone posting was within our service area.
why post as a business, if your not trying to sell something. Why not just post as your self? What credentials do you hve to pose as an expert, beside experience?
Patrick is selling something, Kathy, but not necessarily to us. He can refer customers in his locality to the AC Forum, and they can have a look at some of his replies and see how they rate the contributions he makes. It's a kind of soft sell, if you like, and to be fair I've seen more questionable marketing techniques used in elder and disability care.

It's a good question, though, Patrick - why not just post as an individual?

By the way, while all advice and thoughtful suggestions are welcome, I would respectfully suggest - based on my year's acquaintance with them - that you're likely to learn a great deal more from the incredibly bright, thoughtful and experienced people on this forum than they will from you. Watch and learn :)
I'm sorry that I've caused a ruckus on here, only looking to offer help to those who are having a difficult time with home care for their family. There are two registered nurse's on staff at my company as well as a certified RN Geriatric Care Manager. We have our regular status calls and I was looking to bring up one of the tough questions posted on here as a learning experience for our group and then respond with our answer. There isn't a sneaky angle here, the Guided Living Team will collectively be responding. Have some faith!
Guided Living can you explain aid and attendance help from the VA? I spoke to a man at a local va center,he was rude to me it's for my 92 yr old dad. I'm looking for help in placement for him as he is developing alzheimer's and it's too much for me to handle in my home.

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