New POA formats in my state.

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I attended a lecture today by a local elder law attorney who spoke about Powers of Attorney. He also provided the current standardized formats established by the NV state legislature about two years ago. I hadn't known there was a new format. Old POAs may still be ok but it's better to get an updated one. The new POA for medical care also includes a page that is the same as a living will or advance directives. Also, so since people aren't usually carrying their POA when they need medical care, there is a central place provided by the Secretary of State where the doctor or hospital can access this information. This is called the Living Will Lockbox and is a free service of the state. Updating our legal papers is something moving up on my to-do list anyhow. Now it will be a piece of cake to get this done, and have the medical ones available throughout the state. It would be nice if all jurisdictions would make things as easy as has now been done by Nevada.

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