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The minute my partner went onto Hospice, our 3# Yorkie became ill. She was depressed. It was all downhill from there. Her Kidneys started to fail. My time after my love passed was used to care for yet another. I did my best and used the things I had learned from Hospice. The Vet had me in twice a week for fluids for my little Yorkie. But sooner or later, Missy was lying at my side passing on. I decided to let her go on her own. She fought desperately to honor me and not pass to soon. We had her for 13 years. Finally, she could no longer even keep her eyes open. I took her to the Vet and they allowed me to hold her tightly until she passed. I have her ashes coming soon.

So, now I decided I had to find another friend. I will be alone and single. I refuse to marry or partner ever again. I am 73 and I do not need the choice of caring for yet another person. I just cannot do it. I lost THREE husbands. THREE including my partner. I think I have learned my lesson and that I should be alone. Besides at 73, I want to walk on the beach, and relax and sleep in when I want to. I found the perfect Breeder. She is a Christian and I am so excited about my new baby coming probably in January. I will be gone for Christmas and home just in time to go and pick up my new family member. She or he - have not made up my mind yet,,,, is an Assie doodle. miniture... Life goes on. I know this is what he would want me to do. I should not be alone, but I do not need another man in my life.


Breeder! My heart just went under. I bet there's some dogs in your local rescue looking for the chance to live again. Search your rescue and humane society before giving up and going to a breeder.
I know what you mean about not wanting to marry again. I am 57 and will not do this if my hubs passes ( although he is pretty healthy at 58) I have taken care of my father (who passed in Feb) and now my mother.. hubs is great.. but I am not going into CG again, and at my age that is what a new hubs would be! I love my pets. always will have some. And they are great company. I do think my next dog will be a rescue though
Oregon, I'm also an animal person and I really appreciate you need for a new dog. Lots of folks like a particular breed and do as you're doing but there are so many wonderful animals available in shelters. These guys need a second chance. Is this something you could consider? Either way you go I'm glad you're getting a new companion. So sorry to hear about your loss.
The thing about a "used" dog is that it will probably have all the puppy out of it. I don't know about other 60+ year olds, but I don't think I have enough energy for a puppy. Just keeping them from chewing up the house and peeing all over everything can be an all-day job. :)
Jessie, my heart did a double thump as well... breeder? What??

Oregon Humane Society has some darling itty bitty mixed puppies today on AMNW. and yes, they will stay itty bitty.

Non of my business but if I do recall, you were worried about the ex partners kids wanting some of their fathers inheritance (which wasn't much)?. Uhm, isn't cremation for a dog a bit spendy as well as a bred Mini Aussie Labradoodle?? Holy smokes but those are very pricey indeed! Being a Christian has ZERO to do with the or the breeder. Oh, the more expensive the puppy, the more expensive the vet bills.

I put my 18 year old small maltese mix whom rescued me to sleep a few months ago. Yes 18 years that I've had him. He is buried under the giant Lilac bush out back, with a hand made stone that holds a giant picture of him along with his picture and a few other fun things I put on there... all forever sealed in a half inch of clear resin.

With a new puppy I highly doubt you'll be sleeping in much, unless you don't mind pee pee n poo poo on the 73 it's not an easy task training a new puppy. Heck I'm only 51 and am tired of Baby G.G. waking me up to go potty and she's only 4 months old, but hey..... I dislike shampooing the carpet so up I get.

Please reconsider the many MANY astounding pets in need in your local shelter. If not, I know a highly commendable rescue that takes in those unadoptable type dogs, you know, the kind with a face only a mother could love?... those are the most in need and usually potty trained already and just need a lap and love.
Cremation of my Yorkie was not that much. I was concerned that I might be selling and I wanted my Yorkie with me. Her cremation was only $100.00 and 50.00 for delivery. $150.00. I will take her ashes wherever I go. I am cutting back on costs I have to survive. I agree with you on that. What I have must last me. When it is gone, it is gone. I am spending even less on groceries. BUT, having my dog will be time consuming which is what I need now, I miss my Missy. Very much. As I said, I head for the Shelter again tomorrow, They refuse to take my name and insist that I come in once a week. I asked them to let me know when a dog under 25 lbs come in and they refuse to do it. I guess because everyone is looking for that kind of dog.
Thank you for your message Oregongirl.

Honestly, if you want a little one and they don't have one in your area, I would be more than happy to help transport one of those cute itty bitty pups. Oregon isn't that large I can't drive it in a day.

Honestly, I am on good terms, as well as my mother was ( she loved to pet the adoptables at pet smart) with a lovely rescue that pulls dogs on deaths door...literally, from CA. If you think a "animal" isn't grateful for being rescued... oh yes they are. It is up to you hun and in no way (yes I am) trying to convince you otherwise...

Let me know... or even those in CA. Pet Rescue transport is relatively free.
Oregon, if you are like me, I look at any of the choices and want to take everyone home. But there will be that one that I know when I see him or her. Hope you find that special friend even if it takes you a few days or weeks.
There are also a lot of dogs in rescue groups who need homes.
Oregon I know how you feel. My dogs mean the world to me and I prefer them to the majority of humans but your post sounds lie you're just looking for something to love that will love you. Do you have a fenced backyard? Are you capable of walking a dog? If the answer is no, adopt a cat.

My late mother acquired a miniature pinscher x jack russell, Sue. She lived in a condo and Sue used pee pads. Often my mother would place them upside down so the pee ran off into the carpets and Sue would go on the carpet ... she didn't know any better..

Sue has been with me for three years now, initially peeing and pooping wherever she pleased but now so much better. I keep pee pads down at night but otherwise she goes outside with her big sis, Ashley, an old black lab who came from rescue a couple of years ago. I'm lucky in that I have 2 acres with a big fenced back yard ... I swear I bought the place for my animals lol.

Please think about what I've said. In going to a breeder you're just trying to replace Missy and she can't be replaced, none of them can. As an adult I've never bought a dog or gone looking for one ... somehow they find me.Each time I lose one my heart breaks into a million pieces, and I say "never again" but I always do.

When they cross the Rainbow Bridge they take a piece of our hearts with them but they leave space ... space for another rescue, a life to save. Their legacy is for another to have the love, warm beds and good food they enjoyed. Please Google local rescues and they will find you a dog that needs you just as much as you need him or her.

Dog Bless you.. Lynne, Sue, Ashy Girl and he Mouse Squad ♥

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