The new nursing home I put my mother in is great!

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I put my mother into the new nursing home yesterday. The first nursing home didn't work out due to it being so far away. I got a home town feeling in this new nursing home and it is in our home town. Everyone, the staff and residents, showed kindness and were very friendly. Best of all, my mother knows many of the residents. I had a really great feeling about the nursing home.

I know that my mother wanted to live with me but that wasn't going to work. She just wants everything her way or no way. She can be down right mean at times.

I think given a little time she will be happy being at this nursing home. This way she still lives in her home town and has family and friends close.

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I'm thrilled for you! I know that agony of making these decisions. The reality is there are poor nursing homes (and awful ones). However, there are some that are exceptionally well run, the residents make friends (in this care she already had friends - better yet), the social aspect improves health. The 24/7 care is there.

Visiting as often as possible and making yourself part of the team is important. Often you can tell, right off, if there is reason for the trust. Sometimes we have to check ourselves and make sure we are being realistic in expectations, and other times we need to just remember to be watchful, but not suspicious. Making friend with the staff helps a lot.

Good for you.

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