Great news for Parkinson's And Lewy Body Dementia! New drug approved!

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As expected, the new drug Nuplazid (pimavanserin) marketed by Acadia pharmaceuticals has been approved by the FDA. This drug is for the treatment of hallucinations and psychosis in Parkinson's disease patients. It is expected to be prescribed off-label for Lewy Body Dementia patients. (At this time, all drugs to treat LBD are considered "off-label") The company is in the process of advising medical professionals about prescribing the medication and what the contraindications exist for not using the drug.

Below is the press release announcement -- it is a gov link so I hope it is OK. You can easily also just do a google search to find out more about the drug.


Jeanne, thanks for the update, that is great news.
This is good news. It may not be a cure, but it could be able to help with a troubling symptom. Thanks for letting us know, Jeanne.
The good news about this medication is that it does not interfere with the effects of the dopamine associated medications such as carbidopa/levodopa ( simemet). Prior to this, the anti-psychotics used to treat the hallucinations or dementia had a negative impact on the drugs used for motor problems associated with Parkinson's. It was a cruel trade-off. Let's hope this leads to a better quality of life for patients and caregivers.
The FDA press release says the main side effects have been

"In clinical trials, the most common side effects reported by participants taking Nuplazid were: swelling, usually of the ankles, legs, and feet due to the accumulation of excessive fluid in the tissue (peripheral edema); nausea; and abnormal state of mind (confused state)."

I wonder how the confused state compares to hallucinations and delusions.
Jeannie Gibbs---I've been looking for you. I understand you have a good understanding of Lewy Body and may be able to guide me with this in taking care of mom. She hasn't had an episode in awhile, but just recently, I saw the shaking in her hand. That is how it usually starts. I can see tonight her memory loss just went down another level as she couldn't remember how to go to the bathroom....cadams
cadams, have you seen my response a few days ago to one of your posts?
Have you tried Nuplazid? My father took it for a week and he seemed it was so expensive...
Well that is disappointing, Lookin4hlp. I wonder if anyone else here has tried it.
Jeannegibbs - He currently takes Seroquel 50mg twice a day. In a previous post you mentioned that you use this drug for your husband at night. My dad was becoming aggressive and seemed to come close to hitting my mom so we decided he needs to be significantly calmed. It has helped but he drives my mom nuts... thinks she is an imposter (and I read about that condition you brought to my attention)... so he hides her stuff, looks through her purse.. says horrible things to her. It is rough. I go there every Sunday (today) and it is always a stressful visit... I can't handle someone being so rude to my mom and making her cry. I am hoping the calming effect of Seroquel doesn't fade and we have to try a different one. I worry about withdrawals. He had severe withdrawals when he got off Klonopin. Ugh so many medications :(

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